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Benenox Review

Benenox review

I received a little back to school package for myself at the start of September from the Benenox team -isn’t it fabulous! In love with my little backpack and bamboo lunchbox and was excited to undertake a  Benenox Review


Benenox Review

Benenox Review

Benenox Review

But the star of this show is Benenox – a food supplement that aims to provide you with better quality sleep so I feel refreshed and alert -it is a combination of honey, sustamine and vit b6.

When I started taking this – juts as the kids went back to school I was absolutely shattered. It had been a long and busy fun summer holidays which always is a bit tiring. But, more than that I had also been, on top of my usual work, doing a huge writing project. Now don’t get me wrong I love to write and research but it was exhausting and I was burning the candle at both ends.

I was very excited to trial Benenox and see if it helped me.

I was in dire need of some kind of pick me up and desperate to learn how to stop being busy


How Benenox works 

Benenox bills itself as night time mindful – which sounded very intriguing to me!

I didn’t realise this but apparently when you sleep your brain is very active and still requires a constant supply of energy.

Your brain needs glycogen to carry out essential overnight repairs! From the time you finish dinner to the time you go to bed, your body consumes 10 grams of glycogen per hour. This doesn’t stop when you go to sleep. Your body can become restless in the night searching for it! By the morning your stores of glycogen are depleted and that’s why you can feel a bit bleeaghhh.

Taking 15ml of Benenox before bed p your glycogen levels, you wont be restless in the night and you will wake up feeling refreshed

Clever hey!


Did Benenox work for me?

I have to say I was super sceptical but I did most definitely feel more refreshed in the morning after I had taken my Benenox.  I had more zing and my step and was less grumpy. Hurray!




Benenox review


Benenox comes in lemon and ginger or blackcurrant and retails for around £10 on Amazon

The verdict of our benenox review

It is veggie-friendly and has lots and lots of positive reviews on Amazon. Do I think it’s worth trying?
Yes, I really do.
I do hope you have enjoyed this Benenox review you might also like my post on how to feel more excited about life

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