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A Bespoke Christmas Wishlist

A Bespoke Christmas Wishlist

Sometimes I want things exactly the way I want them…do you know what I mean? Some things just cry out to be designed by you rather than someone else. Partly because they are so personal and partly because you want then to just be absolutely perfect.


A Bespoke Christmas Wishlist

I feel his way about pictures in my home. I would much rather display a photograph of a place I have visited or my children playing than have upon my wall a picture by someone else. This is not because my artistic skills are superior (far from it!) but because I love that such images are so personal.

I like things that are made just for me or that I have designed, the uniqueness appeals to me and I love that a gift would be so meaningful.

My favourite poem is by a wonderful Irish poet called Louis Macneice and it is called Autumn Journal, in one section of it he devotes the poem to describing the love of his life and it is a stunning tribute. How I would adore to have a poem or song written for or about me.

Even a book dedication would do!


A Bespoke Christmas Wishlist


I would love a tailor made jacket or dress that fit me perfectly. I would love a beautiful portrait of my children painted for me that I could keep forever. I would also really love to design my own perfect handbag (it would have very many pockets!)

On my Christmas list I would also absolutely adore a new diamond engagement ring. Mine hasn’t fit for years and it would be fabulous to have one that did. Over at Vashi.com you can design your own ring and I would just love the opportunity to do that .


(You can see more rings like this over at Vashi Dominguez’s complete engagement rings collection )


Creating a bespoke Christmas wishlist would be just lovely, wouldn’t it?  I could go on and on. What would you put on yours?


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