Bespoke and Fun Family Portraits from Flossy and Jim

unicorn by Flossy and Jim


Flossy and Jim

I am just so happy to introduce you to the rather wonderful artists that are Flossy and Jim.

‘Flossy and Jim’ live in a colourful seaside harbour and you can find this reflected in their art. Their aim is to…

make the world a happier and sunnier place

with their illustration and designs.

Flossy and Jim


Flossy and Jim

They illustrate for a wide range of clients, and offer a illustration service for children’s books, cartoons, and for educational purposes. They  also design business logos for any clients wanting a bold, punchy and fun logo alternative.

Their family portrait service is becoming increasingly popular.




They recently won the ‘Excellence Awards’ for ‘Best New Business 2015!’ ,

They are more than happy to discuss your bespoke ideas and to create a family portrait for you.

You can contact them at…..





You can also find them in their studio in the Palladium Arcade in the beautiful town of Dartmouth. Do pop in and say hello!

I just adore their fun, bright and quirky style!

Big thanks to Maggy Woodley from RedTedArt who pointed me in Flossie and Jim’s fabulous direction. I love to showcase independent artists.


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  1. May 5, 2015 / 8:11 pm

    Such a super cool find! 🙂 would make a great father’s day gift too!

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