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I am beside myself with excitement. I have treated myself to something I have wanted for ages and it will be with me in the next week or two.

I have been sat working at a rubbish, scratched and deeply ugly little mdf table as my desk for 5 LONG years. I know it is a rather small thing to moan about but I spend 8 hours a day (at least) sat at this table and it is horrible to look at, it squeaks, wobbles and is uncomfortable, the wrong size and just not very nice.


desk after

I think it is really important that the environment you live and work in is as lovely as you can make it. Loveliness is inspiring and can make a huge difference to levels of creativity and productivity, but everyone interprets loveliness so differently don’t they?

I like white, lots of white and if there is colour lots of bold primary colours. I like reds, yellows, jade green, teal, and navy. I like bright orange.No patterns at all for me! My good friend Jen  is a stylist  and she ‘s all about great patterns and I think her taste is amazing..but wonderful as her taste is it isn’t my taste. I think it is important to really know what you like and not just go with trends that happen to be in shops.

This is why sometimes when you search around the shops you just cannot find what it is you want. because furniture in shops is picked by someone else right and they aren’t you, with your unique home, ideas, requirement and likes.

I wanted a desk that was white , very small, wooden, vintage and with a drawer. I searched and searched. The space I have for a desk is tiny. Nothing was the right size. I also wanted a matching chair. Eventually I found a place that could make me what I wanted.

Bespoke furniture is a treat, a luxury perhaps but if it something you use and see all the time everyday of your life ift is so important it is ‘right. Having someone design a piece you love and that could last you a lifetime is an investment.

At Intarya (http://www.intarya.com) one of London’s leading interior design studios 80% of all the furniture they provide as part of their interior design service is bespoke, tailor made for each project. This ensures cohesiveness of design, craftsmanship as well as perfect fit.

I do think if you are wanting furniture that is timeless and perfect for you  this is the ideal way to go. A design team just for you, to really listen and put your vision into being.

I cannot wait for my little bespoke desk. I could get a bit used to this!




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