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Bespoke Senior Announcements

Senior announcements are really something special.

Graduation is such a special time isn’t it – whether you (or your child) are graduating from school, college or university. It is undoubtedly something you are going to want to celebrate. Graduation is about successful completion and moving on to greater things.

It is an important time and one worth noting.


Graduation Invites

Now lots of people will be all about the party but for me, it is the graduation invites and the graduation announcements that warm my stationery loving heart.

They are ways to tell the whole world how fabulous your son or daughter is and to share your pride with those you care about.


Bespoke Senior Announcements


Designing your own Senior Announcements

Senior announcements can come in all sorts of styles and designing how yours will look is a real pleasure. Perhaps something for the family to mull over together.  For me, a photo would be a must, really personalizing the card.

Over at Basic Invite, ther,e are just so many options and styles to choose from and customize. You can even add detailing to the back.

You can choose the color, shape, layout, font, style, format and so much more your end card will look just as you want it too. And it is a simple and straightforward process.

A real perk of creating your design at Basic Invite is that you can get an instant online preview. This is just SO much better than having to wait until your stationery is delivered to see if you have made an error.



Other benefits from designing your cards over at Basic Invite include:

Customers can choose from infinite color combinations, they can change the color of each element on a card, with over 180 different colors to pair. Isn’t that amazing? Your card can be exactly as you dreamed it would be!

Customers can order a printed sample of their invitation so they can see the cards’ paper quality, and how it will print before they place their final order. I love this. It avoids disappointment over something you really care about. Graduation announcements are things to keep forever so of course, you want to love it.

Customers can also choose for  40 Different Envelope Colors to really personalise their creation and control how it looks.


Thank you cards

When I was growing up my parents were sticklers for sending thankyou cards and I still think it is a really important and lovely thing to do. Simple thank you cards

are just such a lovely thing for people to receive and so important.


A simple but personal card speaks volumes about your appreciation for someone part in a wedding or graduation and is such an absolutely beautiful way to convey your feelings.

The above cards are from a selection at Basic Invite, aren’t they just delightful?


Some people keep cards forever, especially ones that mark special occasions. It is worth making them bespoke and beautiful, isn’t it?

Here you can find a beautiful flower card craft tutorial



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