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A bespoke shopping experience with Lyst

Have you heard of Lyst?

Lyst is SUCH a fascinating way to shop. They are a fashion tech company based in London and New York and their shopping experience is  unique to every user.

A tailored  shopping experience

There are over 11,000 designers and stores in one place at Lyst and you can get daily curated lysts, personalised style recommendations completely tailored to you.

It#s a bit like having a virtual personal shopper.

It may sound rather odd but it is very intuitive website and the more you use the platform, the more it learns about you and your shopping habits. This leads on to you only seeing things you love. How fabulous is that!

Never miss the sales

As well as creating a tailored shopping experience, you can can also be alerted when anything you lyst goes on sale or comes back in stock.

Isn’t that brilliant?

Let me show you my picks of the moment. I am in need of some summer nightwear so I did a search on the price range and type of nightwear I was after and my size. These are my favourites of the picks I was shown

My Sumner Pj's Lyst


Aren’t they just so pretty?

Blue and Pink Flamingo PJ’s by PJ Salvage

Pink shortie Pj’s by Asos

Space Dye Lounge Set by Boohoo

John Lewis Satin Winter Pansy Camisole And Shorts


I am aboutely loving such an easy shopping experience Thetre are litterally 100’s of thoudsands of items listed on Lyst and its like having the biggest and best department store you could drem off on just one website.

Ways to shop

You can buy either through Lyst by adding your find to the basket or you can click through the actual store the item is from and buy there.

The more you shop the more bespoke the website becomes showing you more and more of what you are interested in. How fabulous.

Time saving

In the days of such advanced technology there is no reason why shopping should take hours and hours and Lyst has to be one of the best solutions to that I have come across.

Lovely Lysts

Another fabulous feature on Lyst is the lists created by the editors. I have just been viewing the 50 best robes right now a curated list that enhances my nightwear search beautifully.

I am in shopping heaven.




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