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Best Fashion Moments in the Eurovision Song Contest

Fashion Moments in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision has for years been a trend-setting event that Europeans around the world eagerly anticipate every spring. Of course, the biggest focus of the contest is the music and the new songs each country submits every year. However, there are other elements to it that have made it the spectacular show it is today, and one of them is undoubtedly fashion.

The outfits used by the contenders over the years have become a big part of the event’s appeal, and they never disappoint. We have seen everything from bejeweled ball gowns and flight attendant costumes to futuristic, revolutionary attire. Join us as we look back on three iconic performance outfits from past Eurovision editions.


Sweden’s Abba in 1974

As any fan of the hugely famous Swedish pop band will know, Abba won the Eurovision Contest in 1974 with their song Waterloo, which became an instant hit and skyrocketed Abba to pop charts around the world. Their performance was marked not only by their amazing musical delivery, but also by their costumes, which they use in the official music video for the song too. From Anni-Frid’s long, flared skirt and Agnetha’s electric-blue outfit to Björn’s knee-high metallic boots and Benny’s velvet suit, this was surely one of the most memorable moments fashion-wise in Eurovision history.

Sweden is actually one of the top contenders to win Eurovision once more this year, with the Eurovision winner odds at Paddy Power pricing the act at odds of 8/13 to come out victorious. The song “Tattoo” could be Loreen’s second Eurovision win after she took home the trophy in 2012 with “Euphoria”. As the big event approaches, punters looking to gauge their chances can use this free bet calculator to find out their potential earnings when placing their bets on each song.



Cyprus’ Eleni Foureira in 2018

With an average viewership of 180 million people every year, the Eurovision season is highly anticipated annually by music lovers all over the world who expect to get not only great music but also memorable stage moments. A performance that is sure to be one for the books is Cyrpus’ 2018 entry, arguably one of the most popular second places in Eurovision history.

Less than 100 points away from the winning song, Fuego is one of the catchiest tunes the competition has seen, and the outfit that accompanied the performance didn’t lag behind. The performer, Eleni Foureira, sported a multi-coloured, sequin one-piece with long, black sleeves that contrasted it perfectly. The detailed, sparkly pattern was dazzling, and it evoked the song’s energy in a truly intoxicating way – fashion gold.



Italy’s Måneskin in 2021

Måneskin were the big winners in 2021 with their hard-rock song Zitti e Buoni. In true Eurovision fashion (no pun intended), the only thing that topped their outstanding performance was their stage outfits. The quartet rocked matching leather costumes with small silver fabric details, paired with gold accessories. 

With a sense of style that is fitting for their glam rock vibe, the band have stated they take fashion inspiration from some of their music icons, such as David Bowie. This irreverent, eccentric style can definitely be recognised in the band’s winning performance in Eurovision’s 2021 edition.



While these examples will almost definitely be mentioned for years to come on the topic of Eurovision fashion, there are many more performers whose daring style choices have stood out over the years. Some other noteworthy performances fashion-wise are Lordi’s Hard Metal Hallelujah, 3+2’s Butterflies or Jedward’s Lipstick.



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