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Best Gadgets to Hold a Phone or Tablet

Kikkerland  have sent me an array of the best gadgets to hold a phone or tablet  for those times I am either making calls, vlogs, working or streaming and need my phone to be held buy something other than me. 

Thank goodness is what I have to say about that. I had such an ongoing phone holding issue.


The problem 

Holding my phone in my hands means my hands aren’t fee to do other things  which is ultra irritating if  I am trying to multitask whilst streaming or on a long call.

It is also problematic if I want to hold up and show something to someone I am talking with.  Another issue with holding my phone in my hands is that they get shaky after a while and tired.

Sometimes instead of holding my phone I prop it up – that’s a disaster waiting to happen though with it often falling over or wobbling at inopportune moments as I am about to speak or at a crucial bit of my vlogging! 

I needed a good stand ad oh my goodness have I been sent some great ones to review. 



Best Gadgets to Hold a Phone or Tablet

The Kikkerland iBed Lap desk £29.99 from Firebox

Best Gadgets to Hold a Phone or Tablet


The Felt I-Bed Storage solution is so smart The sturdy wooden top easily holds my laptop and enables me to work comfortable and securely from my bed or the sofa.

It also cleverly holds my phone at a handy slot and my table too. Beneath the lid is a super useful storage [ace to keep battery chargers, headphones, etc. (and of course my snacks!)

I love it and isn’t it stylish too?




The Kikkerland Phone Spinner £10 from Trouva – 

I do like this simple but effective  universal smartphone stand. It  allows you to use  your phone vertically or horizontally hands-free,  which is exactly what I am after. The bottom is nice and grippy to keep your phone safe and it spins so it can follow you if you need to move.

Space saving, portable and just very handy. 


My favorite of the Best Gadgets to Hold a Phone or Tablet


Kikkerland Live Streaming Kit Oliver Bonas £25

 The most versatile of all the phone holders I was sent to review this one works anywhere and everywhere.

The Flexible Tablet Holder is ideal for watching videos, taking photos, watching films, and working. It clamps to tablets and allows you to position them for perfect viewing.

 It also has a ring light with 40 LED bulbs that provide s warm, bright or coll lights for streaming, vlogging and even selfies.

It is perfect for tik tok, You Tube and Instagram lives. So useful to me in my job. 

It was a little sensitive to wobbling if anyone walked by or I nudged the table but the light and the concept are excellent I could use it petty much anywhere


Best Gadgets to Hold a Phone or Tablet



The Kikkerland Wooden Easel £20 from Jarrold  

 This wood design stand holds any sized tablet or your favorite book. But me – well I would use this for recipes so I can keep the food blog I am using open and near me but with my hands free for the baking. A perfect solution 

You can pack it flat for easy storage and adjust the angle too.

It’s very cool and super useful.

Best Gadgets to Hold a Phone or Tablet



So there you go an assortment of great products to help you stay hands free whilst securing your phone and tablet. 

Don’t you just love it when you find the most simple and straightforward solutions to the most irritating of problems.

Which one do you like the look of  the most?








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