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Best Garden Furniture Ideas in 2021

Best Garden Furniture Ideas in 2021

So I am currently on the lookout for the best garden furniture ideas in 2021 . We have got stuck in a rut of wooden table and chairs plus 4 identical recliners and to be quite frank it is boring! 

Are you the same – are you looking for something a bit less traditional and suburban and something a little more stylish and exciting?


Time for a refresh in the garden

It is definitely time to start thinking about getting out into the garden more.

Spring is poking her head through and the garden is tiny bit by tiny bit coming back into life. I am so pleased. It has been one very long winter all cooped up in our small home and the longing for more room has never been so intense.


Best Garden Furniture Ideas in 2021


Best Garden Furniture Ideas in 2021 are much  needed here

It will be truly wonderful to be able to sit out in the garden again and have a little more space.

I have to say though, on inspection our garden is looking tired. A revamp is most urgently required. 

This past winter has been a long one and our wooden furniture is on it’s very last legs and a coat of varnish is not going to save it. The chairs had fallen apart at the end of last summer (from overuse as we went nowhere BUT our garden!) and these also now require replacing. In short, it is time to sort out some decent outdoor garden furniture and maybe something a bit different this time too. 


Best garden furniture ideas in 2021

 I recently wrote a post on the best garden trends in 2021 and my overwhelming feeling was that they were about engagement rather than style over substance.

The garden trends were sustainable, really child and wildlife friendly, accessible, home-grown, comfortable and sociable. I think garden furniture trends this year are just as reflective of our time.

Our gardens are not just a showpiece but a space we will spend more and more time as a result of our world becoming smaller and our homes more important since the pandemic began. They are also a lovely space where, when we can, we will re-gather.  Chimes Home & Garden Rattan Furniture have some great options.


Time to get together

Garden furniture needs to be both beautiful and accommodating and I love the look of this cast aluminium set. It just shout togetherness doesn’t it? How many seats would I go for  – probably as many as i could possibly squeeze in. The time to reconnect is almost here. 


Best Garden Furniture Ideas in 2021


Outdoor garden furniture  featured is all from Lazy Susan

Best Garden Furniture Ideas in 2021 speak of garden gatherings

The best garden furniture ideas of 2021 will be comfortable, practical and encourage us to eat and relax, play and rest in our gardens more than ever.  This set would be just a delight to sit around, eat, catch up and hang out wouldn’t it. How pretty it is too.


Time for me – best garden furniture ideas in 2021

I am also after a little bench. I have got used to being quiet and my garden is always somewhere I like to be alone with a coffee and a good book so a little seat, away from everyone just for me would be perfect. A bench of my very own!


Best Garden Furniture Ideas in 2021


And a lounger too of course. You have to have a lounger for those longed for sunnier days. 





Once lockdown ends and we can all get together again our door table and seating is going to be such a blessing and I will be so glad we made the investment and that my garden was ready.

I cannot wait to sit with my family and friends again in our garden.  

(I think a hammock in the treas for the less sociable times might be  good idea too)


Do you have plans for your outdoor space…if you do please share them with me in the comments below I love to hear from you. 




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