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The best garden tips 2015

The best gardening tips of 2015

When decorating a room in your house, you want to make sure it gives off the tone and vibe that corresponds with the style of your home, and the same rules should apply when it comes to your garden. Think about it this way, not everyone has the luxury of a garden, so if you do, why not take advantage of it? With summer approaching you will be spending more time outside enjoying the warm nights and delicious barbecues, so you want to make sure your garden is ready for some fun! Here are a few of the best garden tips to help you achieve your perfect outdoors this year.

DIY and be creative!

By designing and decorating your garden yourself will give it that personal touch and you won’t have to worry about the design not being to your liking, and on top of that you will save some money to spend this summer in better ways like having fun with your friends ! If you are struggling for ideas and need some garden inspiration, this website has some great tips and ideas and the best ways to be creative with what you already have!


Go oriental this summer

Oriental trends and decorations are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the garden. Warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges are perfect for the summer, creating a warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

To create an authentic and cultural feel without moving from your home, decorate your garden with mosaic patters and Buddha statues, and illuminate it with candle holders or a number of lighting options perfect for the outdoors.

Alternatively, if you prefer minimal designs, a trend of 2015 is also choosing simple black and cream tones as the dominant colour.



Be environmentally friendly

Flowers and plants always add beauty to a garden, particularly in the summer. Although maintaining plants takes time and commitment, if you do it right they will have your garden looking like something out of the Chelsea Flower Show! The hardest part of going green with your garden is finding the time and having reasonable weather, but this is a great simple 10 step guide to have your garden growing your favourite plants and looking like the royal gardens themselves in no time!

Stick with a theme

As mentioned above, like any room in the house you want to keep the colours and decorations relatively the same. This is no different to the garden so it is important to pick a theme or colour scheme, and stick with it. You might want a modern and simple design, or you may prefer a grand garden with antique furniture and garden gnomes. Whatever it is, choosing a theme, matching textures and picking a few colours to stick with are some of the most important decisions. The more you match, the cleaner and classier your garden will look. For example, one theme you might choose to follow is the English style garden. This is a simple and cosy style with pastel colours for decorations and flowers such as roses and tulips planted. Another theme as spoken about is the Oriental garden, which is more grandly designed with brighter colours and more accessories.

Light up the warm nights

Choosing the right lighting is important to consider if you’re planning on using the garden into the late hours of the night this summer, so you need to make sure they fit the purpose you want them to serve. This means being smart about the lights you choose and the placement of them. For example, whether it’s by the BBQ, around the pool, on the decking for some late night reading, or whether they will be used for decoration and feature purposes, they will all have a different role so you might need to buy into more than one. Lights are a great way to make your garden look a lot bigger than it is, and you can also consider buying trendy coloured lights to add an extra wow factor.


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