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Best Money Saving LAUNDRY HACK – Brilliant Tips to Save You Cash

Here is a money saving laundry hack to save the average family £70 a month!

For many drying clothes during the summer months is easy; simply hang them on the washing line.  But the UK winter weather is cold and damp, and as winter looms there is little option but to dry laundry inside. Indeed, for millions of brits living in flats or homes without adequate outdoor space, this is the only option available.

But, what is the most energy efficient and cost effective way to dry your laundry?

One of the most expensive appliances to run in British homes is the tumble dryer, which can cost hundreds of pounds a year for the average family to run; around £1.80* for every washing load dried.

With the average family of four running around nine loads of washing each week, the cost of running a tumble dryer can reach £70 a month – not too far off £850 a year!

So, what are the other options? 

Drying clothes on radiators reduces the efficiency of your heating system and increases the risk of mould and damp, because the excess water simply moves around you house and the health risks that are associated. 




Money saving LAUNDRY HACK

According to John Elliott MBE, DL the founder of Ebac, the UK’s only manufacturer of washing machines and dehumidifiers, the quickest, cheapest and most energy efficient way to dry your clothes inside is using a dehumidifier. 

His studies show that drying loads using a dehumidifier is more than £1.30 cheaper per load than using an energy-hungry tumble drier without comprising the air quality and condition of the family home.

This equates to a potential saving of £50 a month compared to using a tumble drier – a saving of more than £600 a year!


Best Money Saving LAUNDRY HACK




Dehumidifiers take moisture out of the air and prevent the conditions needed for mould, and condensation which can trigger asthma and other health conditions, to form. 

Using a dehumidifier, a microclimate is created with warm, wet air being drawn through, the dehumidifier, stripped of its moisture, and drying clothes without the worry of damaging or shrinking clothes. 

John Elliott MBE explains: “There are a number of advantages of drying washing inside a home using a dehumidifier rather than a tumble dryer. 

“Clearly the issue which is most relevant to everyone at the moment is the reduced cost. If a family is saving £1.30 a washing load by using this system, the money quickly adds up to several hundred pounds. 

“There are other benefits too. Dehumidifiers take up less space in your home, and can be used in other rooms to reduce moisture and prevent mould.   You can turn the heating thermostat down when a dehumidifier is in use – a win-win.  For a cost effective little machine it has a variety of uses – all positive and all for a very small running cost.”


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