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Best Picture Hanging Tips and Tricks

I am excited to share thsee best picture hanging tips with you today. 

Hanging pictures on the wall can be a surprisingly difficult DIY task – now experts have offered eight tips in the form of Dos and Don’ts to make sure the job is done effectively.  

Photography experts at ParrotPrint.com have given the advice on how to correctly hang photos on the wall, neatly, without causing damage. 

As Christmas approaches, many people across the UK may be gearing up to receive and hang up more prints on their walls. 

A spokesperson from ParrotPrint.com said: ‘’Hanging pictures may seem like an easy task but doing it correctly for the best possible results is something that many people are unaware of. 

‘’No matter what the material of the surface you are decorating, there are ways to ensure that you can hang photos with minimal damage. 

‘’This advice will help you get the best results, whether it’s by hook, nail, or command strip.’’ 


Best Picture Hanging Tips and Tricks

Best Picture Hanging Tips and Tricks


  1. Do measure and make small markings beforehand

To ensure that the photo is hung correctly on the first attempt, accurately measure dimensions, and make markings on the wall to ensure that it is in the correct place and is level. 


  1. Do check what type of hanging the photo requires

Wire, D rings, or hangers are examples of the types of hanging that a photo can have. In order to hammer in the correct hooks or nails into the walls, check this beforehand. It may be that command strips may be easier to use. 


  1. Do try to be creative

Traditionally, photos are hung up at eye level, but creating a collage of prints in different frames to cover a wall can lead to an innovative design. Trust your instincts when it comes to photo designing.  Use a picture editor online to make your own pictures perfect for displaying. 


  1. Do consider UV protected glass

Due to the material that some prints are are made of, they can be damaged by the sun. Framing photos and placing them in glass can not only protect them from the sun, but from other potential forms of damage. 



  1. Don’t assume one nail or command strip will be enough

Some pictures can be extremely heavy, so check weight requirements on command strips before committing to hanging something up, in case it falls. 


  1. Don’t buy prints without considering the colour scheme of the room

Considering the colour scheme and design of the room that the photograph or print will be placed in is essential to make for the best interior design. Matching colours and tones is an important thing to do. 


Best Picture Hanging Tips and Tricks


  1. Don’t hang photos in direct sunlight or near heat sources

Direct sunlight or heat can damage the print and cause colours to obscure. 


  1. Don’t hang photos alone

Having a helping hand is of use to ensure that pictures are hung level and straight. If you are hanging a bigger print, it is also good to have someone to help to minimise the risk of injury. 


For more advice on the Best Picture Hanging Tips and Tricks and to order high quality prints, visit ParrotPrint.com

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