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Best things to spend your money on in retirement

Today – Best things to spend your money on in retirement


Do you wonder about what are the best things to spend your money on in retirement

Retirement can offer you some of most enriching years you will ever experience. After spending your life working, you suddenly have all the time in the world to do whatever you want.


Best things to spend your money on during retirement

So what are  the best things to spend your money on during retirement



The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall Of China, a couple of weeks exploring the art of wine making in Burgundy,or perhaps a week sampling the delightful cuisine of Catalonia – why not think of all the places you would love to visit and then get exploring!

best things to spend your money on in retirement

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Seeing different parts of the world and learning more about new cultures can be two of the most exciting things to do in your retirement and you can even consider sailing around the Caribbean or to the coastlines of Antarctica if you want to!

The important thing to remember is that holidays should be booked through a reputable travel agent and you should give careful consideration to your health and wellbeing when choosing an appropriate holiday.

You can find more information about travelling in your later years or with a disability here.


Luxury health spas

Time in a luxury spa can be precious. You can be pampered, catered for and have your aching muscles rejuvenated. Whether it’s a long and leisurely swim that you relish or a therapeutic head massage, there is an abundance of specialist spas so you are sure to find something suitable. Have a look at my post on the benefits of spas

Repeated visits to luxury health spas is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to de-stress, helping you to live a life that is long, healthy and filled with vitality.


Invest in a holiday home

You love where you live but you equally love going away to that special region? Why not combine two of your favourite things by investing in a holiday home? Maybe that special place is in the countryside or overlooking the ocean or even nestled in the mountains.

Buy big and purchase that beautiful holiday home. You can visit your favourite destination whenever you want to without restrictions and still feel at home.


Eat at the best restaurants

Fine dining has to be one of the best ways to enjoy your time and spend your money. A world of Michelin Starred restaurants are waiting to be discovered by you. Take time to get to know the most prestigious restaurants where you can enjoy expertly created food.



Buy a gym membership

Staying active as you get older is key, so why not buy a membership to a fancy gym or invest in a personal trainer where you can get your heart pumping, blood racing and stay eternally fit? Remember if you don’t use it, you lose it!


Treat your grandkids

Whether it’s taking them to MadameTussauds, a theme parkor treating them to lots of toys, why not spend time and money on your grandkids?Or if you really want to invest big and a make life changing decision you could help pay for their university education which will have them debt-free and prepared for their future.


Get inspiration

McCarthy & Stone offer retirement living services that will make this phase of your life more special.

View YouTube videos from McCarthy & Stone to find out more about the exciting things you can do in your retirement and to connect with other retirees and make the most of these exciting and rewarding years.


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