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Bioethanol Fireplace Review

I was intrigued to be asked if I would like to undertake a Bioethanol Fireplace Review.

I have to say as we have central heating throughout our home, fireplaces don’t often figure in my mind ,but I do love them. And  our conservatory…oh my goodness what a cold and dreary soulless little room, it was just absolutely crying out for a fireplace.


I said  yes, eagerly to this  Bioethanol Fireplace Review with no clear knowledge or understanding really about what I was saying yes too.


Bioethanol Fireplace Review


What is Bioethanol?

Bioethanol is actually a very cool way to heat a home. Bioethanol is a liquid, flammable fuel.

You don’t need any gas or electricity so Bioethanol fires can be pretty much placed anywhere without any fuss or expensive or tricky installation.

It doesn’t generate any smoke either so it is juts the cleanest type of fuel and these days it is really important to care about that. A bio fireplace environmentally friendly alternative to the classic wood burning stove but you still get a flame and it looks wonderful and cosy. That matters too, we all want that from our homes don’t we – especially this cold and chilly winter when we are all spending so long at home. 



What do you  need to create a Bioethanol fire?

To build a bio fireplace you only need the following:

  • Bioethanol burner
  • Bioethanol
  • A funnel for pouring
  • A long lighter is recommended
  • Decoration, wood or stones, if preferred (or you can just keep it really minimal) 

Bioethanol Fireplace Review


It is such a simple concept.


Our Bioethanol Fireplace Review

Bioethanol Fireplace Review



The freestanding Bioethanol fireplace with glass I was sent to review came from Denmark, home of hygge and oh wow! do they know a thing or two about creating a cosy atmosphere.



Bioethanol Fireplace Review

Bioethanol Fireplace Review


The fire was a manual burner which means it comes without a power switch and you operate it manually (it is honestly so simple) 

As a bio fireplace does not emit smoke ( or any soot) , maintenance and cleaning is super simple and you get the benefits of a flame without the mess. My granny had a coal fire and I could never put myself all that stress on a day to day basis. It is so much work!


Bioethanol Fireplace Review


Looks amazing right?


How easy was our Bioethanol Fireplace Review?

This fireplace was no effort at all to put together. It arrived intact and all it needed was the glass panels sliding in to the sides and the bioethanol pouring into the middle container then lighting. That literally was it! The fire was then up and running and warming up our chilly little conservatory in moments.

It could not have been simpler. 

It is stunningly simple and minimalist in both design and functionality. You simply extinguish  the flame by pushing over a little metal cover and starved of oxygen it goes out. It looks sleek and stylish and works to perfection. We are delighted with it. 


Bioethanol Fireplace Review


A Bioethanol fireplace review – one for every room?

Whether you want an in built fireplace, an outside fire, a wood burner, or something that looks more traditional there is a bioethanol fireplace for you and it is such a great heating solution for instant warmth and no fuss installation and maintenance.

We won’t look back. 

We really enjoyed our Bioethanol Fireplace Review – would you try a fire like this?

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