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7 Best Black and Copper Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas

Black and Copper Kitchen Design Ideas are undeniably cool.

There’s a real appetite for dark kitchen units right now and we love it. Dark graphite, black, navy blue and other dark colours are appearing in design magazines, on TV makeover shows and on social media.

One thing they all have in common is the use of light colours and a contrast element to make the dark pop.

One of the best ways to do that is to introduce copper into a kitchen. Copper, along with brass, have a lovely character and patina. They also contrast and complement darker colours.

That’s something not many materials or colours can do, which is probably why we see it so often in design.

If you’re redesigning your kitchen and want to introduce dark wood units into the mix, adding copper as the contrast could work amazingly well.

Here are a few ways to do just that.


Black and copper kitchen design ideas


Black and Copper Kitchen Design Ideas


Copper splashback

Dark units and a copper splashback work together perfectly. You get a significant contrast between dark units and light worktop or walls and the practicality of a clean metal close to a food prep area.

Copper splashbacks can be pure copper or aged to a range of different patinas depending on the design. They can also be precisely cut to shape so will fit around pipes and sockets perfectly!


Dark units and copper fixtures

Dark kitchen units with copper handles, taps and exposed pipes also work amazingly well. This time, the copper contrasts directly with the dark wood to provide light relief.

Add a copper tap or taps, exposed copper pipe to the tap and you have added interest with minimal effort and expense. Shop for the highest quality kitchen accessories and appliances to compliment your black and copper kitchen colour scheme with Ninja Kitchen voucher codes. Save on top quality blenders, food processors and kitchenware when you shop the Ninja Kitchen collection online.


Black and Copper Kitchen  pendant lighting

Dark kitchen units, a light worktop, light walls and hanging copper pendant lights is about as classic as kitchen design gets. Pendant lights can work as task lighting over a kitchen island or as ambient lighting over the floor or dining table.

Along with other copper accents like door handles or taps, there would be enough material interest within the design to deliver quite the impact.


Black and Copper Kitchen Design


Hanging Black and Copper Kitchen pots and pans

Another simple but very effective way to build a black and copper kitchen is with dark units and hanging pots and pans. Not only does it provide the colour and patina mix we’re looking for, it also sets the kitchen scene perfectly.

Whether you use the pots for cooking or not, hanging pots and pans is a classic design feature of kitchens. Plus, if you do use them, copper is an amazing material to cook with and brings your  black and copper kitchen decor to life. 



Black and copper kitchen design ideas


Copper chairs or stools

Leaving the contrast to dining chairs or stools around the breakfast bar is another great way to use these two amazing colours.

If you have a dining table in your kitchen, chairs with copper backs by a wood table would work well with copper pendant lights. If you have an island, some stools with copper seats would work equally well.


Black and Copper Kitchen sink

A copper kitchen sink in a Belfast style would make a real design statement. Use pure copper or an aged copper finish depending on your design and you’ll have a sink to admire.

It could work in isolation as the centrepiece or as part of a wider design. Either way, you’re adding genuine character to your kitchen while maintaining practicality at the same time.


Copper worktop

If you really want to be bold, how about a copper worktop? You’ll need to balance the amount of copper you use with other colours and textures, but it could be amazing.

Copper is naturally resistant to staining and has antibacterial properties. Along with looking exceptionally good, those qualities make copper ideal for the kitchen.


Black and copper kitchens

Black and copper kitchens are both right on trend and timeless. A modern nod towards our heritage brought right up to date.

The scheme also works in most room shapes and styles. Modern, shaker, Victorian, contemporary or whatever you want. Choose your pieces carefully and you could genuinely have a kitchen that will more than stand the test of time!

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