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Black Pepper Benefits You’ll be Amazed By

Black pepper benefits – black pepper is used often as a culinary spice to season food, preserve food and give bland foods a “kick” and a pungent smell. While it is considered an ancient basic spice in most kitchens and eateries, many eaters do not know they are ingesting a seasoning that has many properties to benefit health. 


Black Pepper Benefits


Black pepper benefits

I think you will be amazed at the variety of black pepper benefits there are!


Aids digestion

When black pepper is eaten with food, for example, it assists with digestion. This aromatic spice triggers the body to release digestive fluids like bile and hydrochloric acid into food and helps activate digestion at almost every phase – from the important food breakdown done by the salivary glands to the work done by the intestines.


Black pepper benefits –  Stops you being gassy

In addition, black pepper oil, which is derived from the fruit of the pepper plant, stops gases from forming in the lower digestive system. Benefits of black pepper are certainly sociable! It does so by controlling bacteria which give off gas in the stomach and intestines. Those same bacteria-fighting qualities of black pepper benefits are what make it a natural preservative, as well. The presence of bacteria spoils food, and black pepper slows down the deterioration process.




Removing Toxins is another one of the black pepper benefits

Black pepper oil is also key in helping remove toxins from the body. The essential oil of black pepper increases the frequency of urination and sweating. Both of these processes take poisons out of the body through skin pores and helps the body to lose excess water and fat.

Those who ingest a sizable amount of black pepper tend to lose weight for this reason. The ability of black pepper to induce sweating is also helpful when trying to break a fever. It cools the body and relieves other symptoms associated with fevers.


Anti Arthritis

Though the anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties are enough of a health benefit, it is important to note the anti-spasmodic and anti-arthritic properties of black pepper oil. One of the toxins the spice removes is uric acid, which, in excess, creates health issues like gout and rheumatoid arthritis.


Black pepper benefits – Curbs Cramps

It also helps to curb cramping and muscle spasms. The natural vitamins and minerals already present in black pepper oil include: Vitamin-K, beta carotene, iron, calcium and selenium. All of these nutrients help maintain circulatory, muscle and bone, eyesight, blood pressure and nail and hair health.


How is black pepper oil made?

Black pepper plants have been around for more than 4,000 years and grow for about three years until peppercorns are ready to be harvested. These peppercorns are then infused into a pure oil (like olive oil) for up to two weeks to create black pepper oil. The infused oil can last from one week up to one month, depending on whether the oil was created on a burner or allowed to infuse in the sun.


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