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Gorgeous Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Colour is not something I have a lot of in my home but I do have a blue bedroom and I am currently scoping out blue bedroom decor ideas as it is time for a refresh.

Most of my house is white and bright and light with splashes of primary colours but my bedroom is a relaxing hue of blue and I love that it is different.

I want and need my bedroom to have a different vibe to the rest of my home.  I want it to be a calm and restful room but also look  beautiful.

I have so many blue bedroom decor ideas!


Blue Bedroom Decor ideas


Window dressings – Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Currently I have a boring white blackout blind at the window of our bedroom  but I want to make more of a feature of it. I have been looking at the made to measure roman blinds at BritishMadeInteriors.com and oh wow are they gorgeous!  They create made to measure soft furnishings in a range of designer fabrics.

All items are made bespoke in their  UK factory which is a real plus for me as I like to support local businesses. 

Their grey blinds would look so good  in my blue bedroom. In terms of design they have a beautiful array of options from toucans and zebras to feathers, Orla Kiely patterns to plain.

I love them all but I am low key when it comes to blue bedroom decor ideas so I think the toucans might be a bit too much!

A more subtle pattern would work for  me like the one below 


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas


I have also been taking a look at their Blue blinds  which would also wok well im my blue bedroom and give a beautiful tonal effect and make it look serene. Oh choices, choices.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas & Bedding

 My bedding has to be white, has too absolutely with no deviation! I’m a but funny like that –  but I always go for excellent quality and adorn it to fit in with the decor.

So I am thinking big textured fluffy and wool cushions in blues and greys and a lovely soft grey or ice blue velour throw or  chunky knit blanket to make me a very well dressed bed.


Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas



I love dove grey with blue so some painted wood furniture might be nice but also ark wood might work well as a contrast against the whites blues and grey. Hmm. Undecided on this element of the room so far.

What would you choose?



 I do like statement lights and I love to see chrome or silver with blue but worry this my look a little cold in a bedroom/ Maybe soft grey or white fabric lights would work, I do like to see feathery textured light shade. 

I also like plain globes that you can see in the image below which really appeal to the minimalism I like to see in a bedroom.


Blue Bedroom Decor ideas



Flooring – Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

 Much as I love the look of wooden flooring in a bedroom I would always triumph comfort  over style so it would have to be a carpet for me in the bedroom. Specifically a deep pile, plain carpet in perhaps a dark grey? It’s no fun to put your morning feet on cold floorboards. 


So there you go some of my ideas for blue bedroom decor.

What colour is your bedroom?


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