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Boho Chic from Hippy Chick

Today –  Hippy Chick


What’s your fashions style?

I have always been a relaxed dresser. I love to feel comfortable and unrestricted in my clothing and so the boho look has always worked for me.

Have you heard of Hippy Chick? Hippy Chick is a bohemian style clothing store with its headquarters in Ibiza. It sells the most beautiful clothes!

If fashion boho chic style is the kind you like then I really think you will just adore Hippy Chick.  Their  2019 new collection is very feminine, ethereal, romantic and glamorous. There are 3 distinct lines in the collection: Beach Wear, Boho Chic Festival Wear and Evening Cocktail Dresses. The brand incorporates Tunics, Kaftans, Dresses and Jumpsuits, and they have such lovely items.

Let me show you a couple of their absolutely stunning Bohemian dresses


Boho Chic from Hippy Chick


Hippy Chick

Isn’t this white Carlette dress just gorgeous? You could dress it up or down.  It is a dress that timeless too as boho chic often is. The dress is made from the softest satin rayon with lots of pom poms and lace too.


This Alisa dress is also super cute and I love how casual it. I could so imagine wearing this over a swimsuit onto the beach and then straight onto a beach bar for cocktails in the sunset. The rainbow batik has an open back and is hand beaded around the neckline.



hippy chick


As well as dresses they also have some lovely tunics in their range. I adore tunics they can be worn on their own, over jeans or leggings and they are just so versatile. This one is perfect and what a stunning colour it is too…you cannot beat red for a fun summer vibe. in my opinion. The Ayana blouse is hand dyed and made from super soft rayon voile and white in a satin fibre, so pretty and so perfectly packable too.



Jumpsuits are the perfect summer playsuit in my book, you feel like a kid but look like a glamorous grown up. The perfect summer wardrobe staple. This Lucy long jumpsuit featuring a flattering V neck that is tied at the front and an unusual open back with large keyhole opening to adjust at the top. It comes in 2 different tones, Green/ Turquoise and Green/ Beige – so cute! and it looks so very comfy too, doesn’t it?




 Hippy Chick also sells trousers blouses and accessories and oh their accessories are just absolutely stunning. Take a look at these!


hippy chick


This lovely crystal necklace with light and dark rose agate beads is just the perfect boho accessory – and what about the Medallion anklet? Just gorgeous! Isn’t boho chic the best?


Hippy Chick – Ethical Fashion Credentials

As a brand Hippy Chick, they practice fair trade and create sustainable fashion, garments woven with a conscience. The fabrics and patterns have been made with natural materials in equitable production centres. This is so important to me as a consumer and I know it is to you, my readers too. We absolutely can have beautiful garments without exploiting anybody. Do take a look at Eshop boho chic Ibiza  to find out more

WHOLESALE and FRANCHISE opportunities are also available with Hippy Chick.
Hippy Chick is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on summer fashion trends in 2020

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