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An Utterly Fabulous Book Gift List for all the Family

A fabulous Book Gift List for all the Family

Something I always love to give to people as gifts are books. I just know they  will bring them hours of pleasure;0 something to ponder, new information or experiences, a good laugh or some words of wisdom.

A book is a gift of many diverse riches and always wonderful value.

I have been introduced by Carlton Publishing Group to some gorgeous books they have released this Christmas and I am so excited to share them with you

Gaming Record Breakers

My husband and son are both avid gamers and this book will appeal to them hugely.





This colourful book is full of facts  about  consoles and computer games. It explores world-record high scores and the best-selling games and is considered a must-have gaming guide.

Fantastic illustrations and sure to appeal!





World Football Infographics

Both my son and daughter play footie and along with their dad are big fans so I know this book is going to be a hit with my tribe! I love infographic such a fun, colourful interesting to way to display information and this book does them brilliantly.



It explores the  history, statistics and culture of of football through visually appealing infographics.  It answers questions like “Who has had the biggest transfer fee?” and “Who is the best footballer ever?” Great fun and really interesting (if you are a football fan)





The Botanical Treasury 

This truly is the most stunning of books and any plant or garden lover or even art lover is going to be delighted with it. It tell the story behind 40 of the world’s most fascinating plants. The plants are explored texts from Archives at Kew gardens along with expert introductions. Such interesting information.


Within the gorgeous presentation box there are also 40 A4 beautifully reproduced prints of the plants which can be framed. I cannot quite express how lovely they are!



This box set costs £35 and is, in my opinion,  exceptional value for money.


Treasures of British History 

Oh this is an absolute treasure of a book and so unusual.

The book examines British history through 50 key documents These  are beautifully reproduced on the pages and the authors explain their criteria for the selection of each one and why they were so relevant in shaping our past.

Ten documents are f reproduced in facsimile form, bringing a tangible sense of history to the book and they are contained in little envelopes throughout. They are treasures indeed! These range from a sketch of a mini dress by Mary Quant to Wellington’s Waterloo dispatch.

I just love that these treasures can be removed and properly examined.



This book has been written by Peter and Dan Snow. Dan is a historian who has researched, written and presented several documentaries and appears regularly on the BBC’s One Show as their “History Man”.



Geek Guide to Life

Such a fun book! The Geek Guide to Life is, as I am sure you can imagine, chock full of geeky facts. It reveals the geeky secrets to living well based on scientifically sourced advice.

It is both funny and informative and just right for the geek in you life


It contains genius bits of information like this!




I have always wanted to know that!



The Scotch Whisky Treasures

This is just the BEST gift for a whisky lover.

scotch-whisky-treasures, Book Gift List for all the Family


The beautiful boxed set contains 20 pieces of removable whisky memorabilia from letters poster and advertising art. I love interactive books and always thought it a great shame they were kept just for kids!


The book covers the history of whisky, distilling processes, a tour of the regions it is made in and really all you could wish to possibly know about whisky.

Written by Tom Bruce-Gardyne an award-winning drinks journalist and author with a passion for Scotch whisky .





So I think you will agree a rather fabulous Book Gift List for all the Family and over at Carlton publishing there are many more literary treasures!




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