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10 Best Books about Kindness for Kids

Books about Kindness for Kids – a look at the very best books about kindness for kids, for educators and parents and of course most importantly  for children themselves.  yes kids have facebook Instagram pinterest to entertain them but it is not he same.


What books increase kindness?

From picture books to board books to chapter books, from middle grade to pre-school kindness books can help kids learn like no other medium. The way they might describe a small acts of kindness or the power of a little kindness or the poetry and love imbibed in a kindness quilt, books are magic and suggestive. They paint a picture of a world that is juts more lovely and this encourages kids. 

Whether  you share books about kindness read aloud or kindness books for kids stashed in reading corner – you always want to make these available for a child. 


Books about Kindness for Kids

Best books about Kindness for Kids


Books about Kindness for Kids


Stop press**************

365 days of kind – (Books on empathy and books on compassion)

I had to add this one to the best books about kindness for kids post! Just released my brand new 365 days of Kind is a colourful pocket sized delight! It is packed with

  • inspirational quotes to encourage acts of kindness
  • positive affirmations to remind children to be kind to others and themselves
  • simple activities to do throughout the year

It’s the perfect book to open at the beginning of the day or before bed to help create a positive mindset to inspire kids to be kind to themselves and to others each and every day! 

and take a look at this review!


This is a gem of a little book. Although published for children, the world being what it is, we could all do with a copy. On each page there is a simple activity, such as keeping a kindness diary for 7 days, writing in it in the evening, then counting up the kind acts at the end, inspirational quotes from a range of philosophers and thinkers, and various pieces of ‘kind’ advice. As a 53 year old I found some pages genuinely helpful.

It is attractively published with gentle but attractive colours, and is pocket size and hardcover so it can be a real companion for wherever you go on your journey. So far, this is my favourite for this this “365 Days of….” series.

Now on to the books about kindness for kids top 10 list/ ( how could i not pop mine in here! )


10 Best books about Kindness for Kids & why we need them 

The world needs more kind and empathetic people, and one of the best ways you, as a parent, can help make it happen is by raising your children with kindness and teaching them about how important it is to be considerate, gentle and loving to those around you.


books about kindness for kids

Books about Kindness for Kids


And what could be a better way to do just that than to do it through books about kindness for kids – one of the most powerful tools to get the message across in a fun and interesting way.


TEDx talk on how to raise kind kids

 I am passionate about Kindness and raising kids to be kind if you want o hear more about why I think it needs to be at the very heart of parenting take a look here 



So here’s some Best books about Kindness for Kids ideas to help you. I do hope you are motivated to check these books out they can make such a huge difference to these little world citizens we are trying to raise. 


Best books about Kindness for Kids


Best Books about Kindness for Kids

Read on to discover the top 10 books to help teach your children about kindness and find out what makes them all so very special.

Kindness is a type of behavior marked by acts of generosity, consideration, or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward. (wiki)


Books about Kindness for Kids: Create Your Own Kindness by Becky Goddard-Hill 

My brand new kids book Create Your own Kindness is a jam packed kindness activity book for kids aged 6-12 and I do like to think it is one of the best books about kindness for kids there is.  It contains 50 activities, all backed by science for kids to learn how to be kinder to themselves, to others and in fact to the whole world. 


Best Books about Kindness for Kids


It brings hours of entertainment and important learning and is a book your child can work through alone or with you by their side. It covers forgiveness self care, caring about the planet, fundraising, being a super sibling, connecting with grandparents, the power of kind words and much, much more.

 This is one of the best books about kindness and it is available from Amazon and all good bookshops


Best books about Kindness for Kids

Create your own kindness – Best Books about Kindness for Kids


Reviews for Create Your Own Kindness (Activity Books about Kindness for Kids) 

Some of the reviews it has received so far show just how valuable this kindness resource can be. Books about Kindness are so important 

I absolutely love Becky’s book. I have bought every single one of them and Create Your Own Kindness, which came out last week, doesn’t disappoint. It is full to the brim with activities to inspire young people to be kinder to themselves, others and the planet. The activities are fun, easy to set up and varied. I definitely recommend this book. Perfect present for birthdays etc. as well.

I love Becky’s books and was so pleased to see a Kindness version. Based on science, with loads of great interactive activities, it’s an essential addition to any child’s book shelf. We love the way it focuses not only on the child but the planet too, and how your own kindness can spread kindness around the world. What a gorgeous message for children to take on into adulthood.

I am so very proud Create Your Own Kindness is one of the best books on kindness for kids and is out there in the world 


A Sick Day For Amos McGee – Best books about Kindness for Kids

This one’s on the top of the list for a good reason, and if you haven’t gotten your hands on it already, now’s the time to. Within its pages is a sweet story about a zookeeper who is kind to all animals in the zoo, and how one day, he falls sick. The story teaches children how continuous kindness towards others is important, and how kind actions are repaid, in one way or another.


Books about Kindness for Kids


A Sick Day For Amos McGee



Have You Filled a Bucket Today? One of the classic Books about Kindness for Kids

This one’s one of the most beautiful children’s books about kindness you definitely need to get your hands on. The book introduces the idea that each one of us has an invisible bucket that can be used to hold good thoughts and feelings about oneself. The book teaches children how our actions can positively or negatively impact the people around us, and how, by being kind, we help fill someone else’s bucket.

Isn’t this one of the most important things ever to teach kids – books about Kindness are an invaluable teaching resource

best books about kindness for kids


Have You Filled a Bucket Today?



More outstanding books about Kindness for Kids …

Keeping kids reading is a sure fire way to keep them interested in a wider wold and to help them develop empathy for a wide range of people – it helps  them see other perspectives and the way other people live – basically they learn someones elses story and to really walk for a while in their shoes


Those Shoes – Best Books about Kindness for Kids

Those Shoes is yet another excellent choice for Books about Kindness for Kids, and highlights the importance of giving. In the story, a young boy wishes to get a pair of really cool shoes. He can, unfortunately, not buy them new, and therefore, decides to get them from a local thrift shop, only to find them in a smaller size. What happens next is a heartwarming story about the beauty of sharing, being kind and the satisfaction and happiness it brings.


books about kindness for kids

Best books about Kindness for Kids


Those shoes


Last Stop on Market Street –  One of the Most Fun Books about Kindness for Kids

This one’s another award winning title that is also a reminder for children to be kind and open hearted to everyone. The book follows the story of a young boy named CJ and his grandmother, and their journey on a bus, where every question CJ would ask would be met with an empathetic and kind answer from his grandmother. 


books about kindness for kids

Books about Kindness for Kids

Books about Kindness for Kids



Enemy Pie – Books about Kindness for Kids

Enemy Pie is the perfect book to get your hands on to teach your children about the importance of looking beyond judgement and embracing everyone with open arms. It is a story about two boys who dislike each other, and how a considerate dad decides to set things straight and create a budding friendship between them in an effortless way- all thanks to his enemy pie.

This can actually be a great book to start with if your child is having problems getting along with his peers or classmates.

Enemy pie

We cannot deny it friendship is not always easier and it is best not to pretend it is. Books like enemy pie really help us a address trickier areas around friends & friendship. Our kids need us to face this stuff with them and not hide it away for them to deal with on their own. 


books about Kindness for kids


You, Me & Empathy – Books about Kindness for Kids TEACH empathy

You, Me & Empathy is an excellent book that helps teach children one of the most important social skills- empathy. With beautiful illustrations and an amazing story, this book highlights, through relatable scenarios at home and in the playground, how to recognize your own emotions, and see them in others too.

The book also emphasizes cultural diversity and packs in a lot of interesting activities and discussion questions to help you take it up a notch with your child and help them understand about compassion, tolerance and even how to recognize bullying behavior, which is super important today.


books about kindness for kids

 You me and empathy


Books about Kindness for Kids – Come With Me

Come With Me is an exceptionally brilliant book that answers one of the toughest questions you might be hit with when you’re raising a compassionate and tender hearted child- “what can I do about it?”

While spreading kindness and peace in the world may seem like a gigantic task, you, as a person, can actually do a lot more than you’d believe. Through the story, the book teaches children about how, in order to improve the world, all you need to do is be kind yourself, at every stage in life, and to as many people as you possibly can. Because it turns out, one person can actually make a big difference.


Best books about Kindness for Kids

Come With Me


Teaching kids they are powerful and that they have the ability to use their power for good is such an amazing life lesson to impart and this books helps us do just that. how amazing books are and how they really can change hearts and minds and worlds. Just wow. 


Books about Kindness for Kids – The Invisible Boy

Beautifully illustrated and with a touching story, The Invisible Boy is a must have to get your hands on. Through its simple story about a very quiet boy who feels invisible, this book can help your child understand how to celebrate the differences between each individual and how to treat them all with kindness.

It also offers lessons in the importance of being inclusive towards others and extending friendship and compassion.

The Invisible Boy


The Giving Tree – Best books about Kindness for Kids

Last but not the least, The Giving Tree is truly a gem that is packed with lessons for not just your children, but for you too. The book tells a heartfelt story of a boy and a tree, where the boy loves the tree very much, but he keeps on taking parts of the tree until there’s nothing left but just a stump.

It teaches us that being kind and giving is important, but so is setting healthy boundaries. It offers lessons in how to set a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship. 


books about kindness for kids

The giving tree



How to get your kids to read these Best books about Kindness for Kids

Not all kids are hugely enthusiastic readers but if you encourage reading every day even just a tiny bit they will soon begin t feel really comfortable with it. If a book seems overwhelming at first try magazines, comics and recipes even shopping lists. And if you kids are still reluctant readers after you have worked on this a while and role modeled how much fun YOU find reading then try a book bingo or audio books or you read a line they read a line.

Keep working a way at this and don’t give up reading is one of the most awesome pleasures of life! but do keep it light and fun and do introduce them to a wide genre of reading material to they find one they love and then BOOM> Books about Kindness for Kids will be so accessible to your kids once they love to read – till them why not cuddle up and read them to them.


Before books about Kindness – start with what they love

My son was a huge Beano fan and I  massively indulged it and now he is reading books on the roman empire.  They will be reading these Books about Kindness for Kids before you know it,


books about kindness for kids


Best books about Kindness for Kids List

I hope you have enjoyed this list of Books about Kindness for Kids – do you have any Books about Kindness for Kids to add? Always love to hear your book recommendations so adult or child please do not hesitate to drop them in the comments section below.


How reading increases empathy

How reading increases empathy

 Reading any fictional book is an exercise in empathy so reading is definitely something to be encourage. 

Reading has the remarkable ability to increase empathy by fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience. Empathy is the capacity to understand and share the feelings of others, and reading plays a crucial role in its development for several reasons.


  1. Exposure to Diverse Perspectives: Reading exposes us to a vast array of characters, cultures, and situations that we might not encounter in our daily lives. This exposure allows us to step into the shoes of characters from various backgrounds and circumstances, broadening our perspective and helping us relate to their experiences. As we connect with these characters, we begin to understand their motivations, fears, and joys, which in turn helps us relate better to real people with similar experiences.
  2. Complex Character Development: Well-written books delve into the complexities of human emotions and motivations. Readers often follow characters through their struggles and triumphs, which helps them appreciate the intricacies of human nature. Witnessing a character’s growth and transformation fosters empathy as readers can relate to the character’s journey and reflect on their own personal growth.
  3. Empathetic Engagement: Reading is an active process that requires readers to engage emotionally with the text. When we empathize with the characters, we naturally become more attuned to their feelings and experiences. This emotional engagement extends beyond the fictional world and can lead to increased empathy in our real-life interactions.
  4. Cultivating Imagination: Reading encourages the use of our imagination to visualize scenes, characters, and emotions described in the text. This imaginative exercise promotes the development of emotional intelligence, as readers must actively consider the thoughts and feelings of the characters they encounter.
  5. Building Bridges of Understanding: Empathy is often built on the foundation of understanding. When we read about different cultures, historical events, or diverse perspectives, we gain insight into the lives of others. This understanding helps break down stereotypes and biases, promoting empathy by humanizing people who might otherwise be seen as “other.”
  6. Stress Reduction and Increased Empathy: Studies have shown that reading can reduce stress and increase relaxation. When we are in a calm and relaxed state, we are more likely to be open to understanding others and empathizing with their feelings.

In conclusion, reading is a powerful tool for increasing empathy because it exposes us to a wide range of experiences, emotions, and perspectives. It allows us to step into the shoes of others, fostering a deeper understanding of the human condition and promoting empathy in our interactions with people from all walks of life. By reading widely and with an open heart and mind, we can continue to develop our capacity for empathy and become more compassionate individuals.


Books about Kindness for Kids

Books about Kindness for Kids



If you enjoy reading books about kindness do explore my other kindness posts ….

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Now it is over to you and your books about kindness recommendations

 I so absolutely love to hear your book recommendations so please do indulge me with this! 

Will you be buying any of these books about kindness for kids?

If you have any Best Books about Kindness for Kids that you have read that I neglected to include on my book list then let me know and please do share my list about so we can raise a generation of kinder kids who also love to read too ! 

After all what on earth matters more than kindness?


My  TED talk on kindness


books about kindness for kids


“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” —The 14th Dalai Lama.


Share these Best Books about Kindness for Kids

Please do share this list of the Best Books about Kindness for Kids with your child teacher and with your parenting pals. Together we can cause a kindness wave that can overwhelm the world


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