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Team Lottery? Boost Your Odds with Syndicates

Almost all of us play the lottery from time to time. After all, it’s fun to dream about winning a jackpot and getting a glass of National Lottery champagne and one of those oversized cheques. But what if there were a simple way to turn that dream into reality? Boost your winning odds by joining a lottery syndicate!

What is a lottery syndicate?

A syndicate is a group of lottery players who buy tickets together. A syndicate is divided into equal shares, so that each member owns a percentage of all the tickets. When a cash prize is won, the money is distributed evenly amongst the shares.

By joining a syndicate, you get access to more lottery tickets than you would regularly purchase as an individual. The sheer volume of tickets greatly improves the odds of winning a cash prize. Another benefit of lottery syndicates is that the overall costs of the tickets are shared, along with the prizes, so it has a great cost-benefit ratio. Last, but not least, it is fun to be a part of a lottery team and share the dream with other lottery fans!

Successful syndicates… from Voltaire to US Powerball

Believe it or not, lottery syndicates have actually played a vital role in modern history. If not for lottery syndicates, we may never have had to read Candide in school! When Voltaire was a much younger man, he was approached by Charles Marie de la Condamine, a renowned mathematician, with an offer to join a lottery syndicate. De la Condamine figured out a way to almost guarantee win after win. Voltaire and others were intrigued and joined the syndicate; de la Condamine’s theory was proven correct and the syndicate members were rewarded handsomely. With the lottery winnings, Voltaire was able to devote the rest of his time to writing and becoming one of the Enlightenment’s greatest thinkers.

But what’s past is prologue because lately syndicates have been creating big modern-day winners. A syndicate of three people won a portion of the largest jackpot in history in March 2012. The Three Amigos, a group of public school employees, bought 60 Mega Millions tickets for the record $656 million jackpot. One of their tickets matched the winning numbers and they took home an epic $218.6 million prize, as two other tickets around the country matched the winning numbers. The Three Amigos opted for the cash payout, leaving them with $158 million total – or about $35 million per Amigo after taxes.

A year after the Three Amigos’ mega win, another triumphant lottery syndicate made headlines.  Sixteen coworkers from New Jersey’s Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services formed a syndicate they named ‘Ocean’s 16’. They bought a bunch of lottery tickets for the $448 million US Powerball jackpot in August 2013. Three tickets matched the winning numbers, including one owned by Ocean’s 16. The lottery syndicate opted for the $86 million cash payout, which netted each syndicate member $3.8 million after taxes. The best part of this syndicate was how excited they were about winning as a team – they even hired a bus to take them all to the lottery office to claim their prize together!


You used to need friends, family, and coworkers to join in if you wanted to be a part of a successful lottery syndicate. Nowadays you can join a lottery syndicate online, giving you all the same syndicate benefits without the hassle of establishing your own group. Good luck and hopefully the next big syndicate winners will include you!


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  1. July 5, 2018 / 9:18 pm

    It is a great tip, your chances increase a lot compared to playing alone, basic math as more tickets are better your chances.

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