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Bottega Veneta Bags & Fashion – What Makes it Special

Bottega Veneta bags and fashion

Looking gorgeous is something that we all aspire to.

Finding a style and design that compliment and suit us can go a long way towards helping us achieve this . Being open minded and experimental and willing to try a variety of fashion styles can really open up your options. Have you heard of Bottega Veneta, it is an Italian fashion house that designs and makes stylish clothes, handbags, accessories, and leather goods. Its products are worth look, they speak of style and class and I am sure you will be impressed.

This is one seriously gorgeous fashion brand and it well established and well respected by its followers. This unique, stylish Italian brand was founded in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, who brought the revolutionized the Fashion World. 

 The present creative director Daniel Lee makes wonderful brand designs he never comprises on ethics, continually tests the quality of his products, and works tirelessly to ensure his products are 100% perfect for customers.

The  eye-catching pieces from this  stunning brand tells their own beautiful story. When you touch Bottega Veneta bags, feel the smoothness, light sewing, and mix of craft you will find the quality truly is exquisite.


Bottega Veneta Bags


Bottega Veneta bags

Cabat, Veneta, and Knot Bottega Veneta bags stamp perfection in people’s minds and top many peoples wish list.


Cabat bags 

Designer Tomas Maier launched this Cabat bag in 2001. Ever since them it has never lost top position in the market. This tote bag uses woven leather to give it classic features. It enables you  to carry all your necessities in a light load and structurally it is solid – you are able to hang it up by it’s rolled double handles so it can bear weight well.

Money can safely put in a small pouch inside it. It is perfect. 

It comes in three sizes, Mini, Medium, and Large only at Bottega stores It only uses Nappa, Vachette, and Exotic leather materials in it. This is a classic everyd ay bag that will serve you well in terms of both practicality and style.


Bottega Veneta Bags


Bottega Veneta bags

The Veneta small pouch bag is a long time favourite of fashion lovers. Italian artists work their magical hands on these bags to make them tiny and  a perfect fit for the shoulders. Ladies carry pouch bags  for convenience but mostly for style  and they can work so well with the most elegant of outfits as they are both neat and unfussy


Knot Bags

Bottega Veneta brought knot bags out way back in in 1978, and it is shocking to know that this bag’s popularity is the same in 2020. Many people do consider this a cult bag. The brand rather amazingly offer 300 versions of it, (isn’t that just incredible! All of these unique in color and fabric, presented by adding stylish lace decorated with a diamond. Fashion houses never consist of quality, so they build up these bags with only high-quality leathers.


Bottega Veneta bags can be such a huge benefit to an outfit and they can be an amazing investment. Why don’t you take a look at Bottega Veneta Bags  and consider treating yourself?

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