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A brilliant competition for kids at Pizza Express

There is a new competition for kids at Pizza Express with the chance to win lots of prizes.


Pizza Express are inviting children aged 5 to 12 to use their imagination to dream up a story for their Dough Balls, sending them off on an adventure into the unknown. All they have to do is write up a short story for their Dough Ball adventure and submit it to Pizza Express online. It really is that simple and they don’t even have to make a purchase.

There are chance to win every week  and they might even get to see their adventures turned into animated cartoons.

We popped down to Pizza Express for a lovely family meal and to check out the brilliant competition.

The children (as usual ) opted for their very favourite dough balls a with the gorgeous garlic butter and salad. We all chose scrumptious pizza for our mains and it was brownies for pud and the most delicious cream slice for me.


Tasty and delicious, served with a smile. All the very best things about Pizza Express. We love to eat there, the food is always good.


But the very best thing about Pizza Express.. the way they keep the kids entertained. They always have stickers and colouring puzzles and so on. Their crayons always work and the activities are changed regularly. This is pretty important when you take kids out to eat! Pizza Express really are THE family friendly restaurant.

Here’s my 10 years old’s story of her dough balls adventure…..

competition for kids at Pizza Express

One day in Doughville 2 doughballs announced they were going to journey to the distant planet of Pizzatopia. Their names were Dennis and Doris and they were best firends. The jumped into their Dough Mobile and flew off. Their suitcases were packed with icecream, chocolates and sweets.  When they reached Pizzatopia a big Slice of Pizza with hands and feet came towards them. He introduced himself as Lord Pizza and welcomed them to his land. He had never seen a dough ball before and was excited to meet them.  He showed them around and in return they shared the contents of their suitcases with all the little pizza people. they met along the way, That night they whizzed back home and told the other doughballs all about the lovely Pizza people they had met that day.

Sounds a pretty exciting adventure to me!

I love to see my children having fun and being creative and making up this story was a really fun part of our evening out!

The prizes available are pretty cool! They include a family adventure holiday with Featherdown, kids pizza making parties and hundreds of other prizes.

Amanda Royston, Head of Marketing at PizzaExpress says, ‘We are really excited to help inspire kids’ creativity and help keep them busy during the summer months. Everyone loves our dough balls, so it’s certainly time they got to go on an adventure!’

Do you want to see one of the winning entries so far? Here is The Dough Ball Time Machine by Olivia Bodmer. You can watch the cartoon here: https://www.facebook.com/pizzaexpress/videos/10155632622398139/

The competition runs online until the 17th September. Stories are a a maximum of 200 words and all you do to enter is simply log on to www.pizzaexpress.com/doughballadventure to upload your child’s entry (this must be done by an adult), fill out the contact form and wait to see if you’ve won.

How much fun!


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