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Bringing life to your boring walls

Décor is all about learning that a room is more than four walls and a ceiling. However, if we focus too much on adding style elsewhere and ignoring those walls, we can create a fatal flaw in our room. Boring walls aren’t just depressing to look at, they draw attention from the rest of the room. So, let’s take a look at how you give them a little life once more.

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Go explore

The right choice of wallpaper is an easy way to quickly add some visual flair to a wall. However, standard wallpaper might not be enough. Why not choose one that can help you evoke a scene that really takes you somewhere new? A beautiful cityscape mural can transform the whole scene that the room creates. Just make sure that you’re choosing a location that fits the theme of the rest of the room.

Create your gallery

If you’re not aiming to go quite as minimalist and you want to be able to add plenty of details, then creating a gallery wall can be just as effective and evocative. If you’re choosing art, choose pieces that fit the style with the rest of room. Expressionist pieces for cosy rural settings, pop art for contemporary rooms, and so on. Arranging your wall art matters just as much as choosing it, so make sure that it has a good distribution so there isn’t a lot of empty space on either side of it.

Mirror, mirror

If you don’t want something with quite as much personality as a piece of art, then why not thinking of features that have other uses? Mirrors are a common choice for a feature wall, for instance, because of their practical use. Not only do they give a reflection, but they also help a room feel much more spacious and can reflect and maximise the impact of natural light. Mirrors can be particularly effective in narrow rooms that are plenty long but could use the illusion of being a little wider as well.

Go green

Want your home to feel alive and want to introduce a little more vibrant colour? Then why not think about making use of a few vertical gardening tips? You can create shelving for houseplants, you can use tall plants that grow upright alongside the wall, or you can even create living walls that really take it to a whole new level. A little plant-life in the home has tons of advantages. They are proven to make an environment feel more relaxing and to clean the air you breathe, for one. The emotional appeal of a plant-life goes even deeper still, however.

If your wall has windows, a fireplace, or some other architectural feature, you don’t need to focus on living it up too much. Rather, you want to apply these tips to the biggest wall in the room that has no such features or fixtures. Make sure it’s not left behind, and it will lift the appeal of the whole room with it.


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  1. Carolyn
    October 15, 2018 / 6:54 pm

    Mirrors are a great way to break up large spaces on walls. They are functional, and every room can have one without the risk of there being too many.

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