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Bruno Mattress Review

Bruno mattress review…

We were just so excited to do a Bruno Mattress Review

Spring is now truly here (and bringing with it a lot of rain!)  Flowers are popping up everywhere and everything looks lighter and brighter. it is most definitely time for me to start to think about Spring cleaning

Over the years, I have found that most of our clutter does seem to end up in one bedroom or another. So, this is always a good place to start for a major declutter and spring rejuvenation!


Bruno Mattress review


Bruno Mattress Review

I have always found that it is best to start with the basics when revamping any room. In the bedroom that has to mean the bed. We need to  invest in a good mattress we have had ours quite some time now.  I am a big believer in investing in the place I do my sleeping. It so important to how you feel and your health and as the years creep by it is important for my back too!

The Bruno Mattress looks fabulous


Bruno Mattress 2


I do find the traditional world of mattress selling to be three things: confusing, inconvenient and expensive. The founders of Bruno Sleep, Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer, have sought to eliminate these problems associated with the mattress industry.

First of all, Bruno only comes in one model. With the help of sleep experts (and some insightful german engineering!), Felix and Andreas believe that they have developed a mattress which is perfect for the vast majority of body shapes – regardless of the sleeping position.

After much trial and testing of high quality materials and mattress compositions, the pair have developed the Bruno Mattress; comprised of a 7-zone foam base for support, a 3cm natural latex top, and a detachable quilted cover top.


Bruno Mattress 12


Following great success in Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands, Bruno Mattress has recently been launched in the UK! The reasoning behind this success may stem from the way in which Bruno Interior has taken steps towards revolutionising the tired mattress industry.

Bruno Interior operates in a direct-to-customer business model which means that savings can be passed on directly to customers. Another great feature is that the mattress is delivered in a box, which again cuts costs, but also reduces harmful emissions and makes it easy to manoeuvre from doorstep to bedroom.


Bruno Mattress Review


High quality materials

The people behind Bruno pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality materials by sustainable means, using real human labour over machine processed, and probably most importantly – providing the ultimate sleep experience. All of this might lead you to anticipate a huge price tag.  It seems the Bruno Mattress will set you back a lot less than a traditional mattress might.

Bruno Interior offers free delivery to the UK, a 30 night risk-free trial, and a 10 year guarantee with every mattress.

Sounds pretty fabulous to me!



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  1. ress
    May 28, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    Thanks a lot for sharing I’ve been looking for this type of mattress with such a texture that support body well.Thanks a lot for sharing I’ve been looking for this type of mattress with such a texture that support body well.

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