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Butler Table Review

I  was recently invited to undertake a  gorgeous butler table review from  interior design store www.baytree-interiors.co.uk 

 Having never before had / or heard of a butlers table, I was intrigued.

Do you know what one is?


Butler Table Review


What is a butler table?

A butler table is essentially a versatile table that you r butler might pop up if he is serving you drinks. The legs fold up and the table top comes off so you can eaily transport it anywhere. It is the handiest things ever! 

You can use it for drinks, a picnic, games. You can use it indoors when an extra table is requited or you can use it in the garden when entertaining. I have ebven used it to hold my laptop. Our si s a small house and this is a great space saving solution as it can be just popped away when we are done with it. 


What makes this butler table special

This particular table is stunning in it’s simplicity and very good looking for a portable piece of furniture. Made from hard-wearing mango wood, this scandi-inspired butler table’s wooden top and hand brushed black finish legs. It is delightful and I love its minimalist and un-fussy look and the fact it looks so substantial. 


Butler Table Review



  • Height: 55 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Depth: 50 cm
  • Colour: Black, Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 4.10kg


Our Butler table review

We are loving our Nordic Collection  Butler table and at £99 it is goo value and will get a lot of use

We have so far used it when creating nature crafts outside and to play chess in our lounge. It folds up so easily and is so light to carry around and we are storing it very easily in the cupboard under our stairs.

It is a thing of beauty and a real asset to our family life. (It also comes complete so no fiddly DIY required which is always a plus) 


Butler Table Review


And there is more …

Within the Nordic collection range at Baytree Interiors  there is also a coffee table. sofa table, bench console table and more. Equally beautiful to our butler table and they would go together perfectly!  


I do hope you have enjoyed out butler table review. You might also like my post on creating a lovely Christmas table


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