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Can You Adopt As A Single Parent? Exploring The Possibilities And Challenges

Becoming a parent is an experience bringing both love and joy. However, it also comes with responsibilities that every mom or dad must handle… What if you find yourself embarking on the journey of parenthood as a single parent? Can a single individual even adopt a child?What are the single parent struggles?

Many believe that single women or men are not eligible to adopt. In reality, the situation is more complex than what society deems right or wrong.

Nowadays, there are growing opportunities for singles to move forward in adoption giving hope and new routes for those who long to build their families.

In this blog post, we will explore the possibilities and challenges that single individuals face when seeking to adopt. By the end of this article, you will discover that love knows no boundaries.



Can A Single Parent Adopt A Child?

Do you want to search “Can a single woman adopt a child” or “Can a single man adopt a kid?” Do not do it – there is an obvious answer. Yes, yes, a single parent can indeed adopt a kid.

Adoption does not happen just because of your relationship status. It totally depends on one’s potential for being able to provide an appropriate and stable home for the needy kid. 

In lesser words, between 2017 and 2019, according to data collected by the United States Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), about 28% percent of all adoptive parents in the U.S. were either single or divorced/widowed people.

Yes, single parents may have some hurdles and problems in front of them. It can be financial responsibilities or various support systems. But they can “maneuver” it successfully onward. Your willingness, dedication, and ability to satisfy the needs of the youngster or infant – all these can help make a happy family.

Rightly prepared and with necessary support from different institutes/organizations, a singles’ dream comes true.


Is Adopting As A Single Parent Hard?

Can a single parent adopt a child without any trouble? Yes, but it does get quite hard with each passing day. Countless legal procedures and thorough background assessments can make things more complex.

Societal prejudices also pose problems. But if you have the will and push behind to help you in these matters, we believe you’ll succeed! Many singles have been able to adopt children and create many really loving families.

Good support systems around you, not just personally but practically, too, can help you stand against difficulties that may come your way.

Still, in the long run, while it might be hard at some points to adopt as a single parent, it does really bring immense joy and fulfillment to both – parent and a child.


What Are The Cons Of Single-Parent Adoption?

Adopting as a single parent can be powerful and fun. But there are numerous challenges and drawbacks to consider. 

Since single people endure parenthood alone, limited support and emotional strain are among the most common disadvantages. If you have no one to help you, this situation can get you into trouble. 

Even the financial pressure – especially in the case of adoption by a single mother – is certainly not negligible. Raising a child basically comes with a huge financial burden. Can one person handle it? Certainly. However, the adoption itself requires close interest and care. 

Also, there may be a social stigma or prejudice against a single mother/father. Such lack of social respect can have a negative impact on both parent and child. Therefore, it is important for expectant parents to weigh the pros and cons of adoption and properly analyze all aspects to ease the way.


How Singles Adopting Differs From Traditional Adoption

One should note some obvious distinctions between traditional and single adoption. In simple words, the former means that a married couple or partners adopt a kid, while the latter – adopting a baby by a single woman or man. 

So, can you be single and adopt? Absolutely, yes. But there are some criteria and procedures which may differ. For example, singles might attract additional information about their background to show agencies that they can provide a stable and nurturing atmosphere for any baby. 

Besides, they also could face challenges relating to societal norms and biases. Many people believe that if children grow up in such “incomplete” families, then they get great moral trauma in the future, and this significantly negatively affects their life in general.

All these disparities aside, single people are increasingly viewed as prospective adoptive parents. It gives them hope in their quest to form their own families and prove that love knows no status or relationship.


Adopt As A Single Parent

How Do Single Parents Adopt?

Can you adopt if you are single? As we have already mentioned, yes. And we can even suggest you even some different “ adoption types.” 

From agency adoption, where singles work with a specialized organization to navigate the process, to domestic infant adoption while making a family with a newborn baby within one’s own country –possibilities are endless. Let’s explore them!


Agency Adoption

Agency adoption means working with licensed agencies, who make the entire process of adopting easier. 

Can single people adopt children this way? Yes, they can contact these organizations to get appropriate guidance and support during each step of their journey. 

What is more, such agencies match prospective parents with kids in need of homes ensuring all laws are met.


Independent Adoption

Children can be adopted independently or privately, i.e. no public authorities are involved in organizing the adoption. In this type of adoption, the biological parents use a private adoption agency to place the newborn into the adoptive family.

Can one person adopt a child this way? Why not. But such an independent process calls for more effort and responsibility. 

Often, the adoptive family pays thousands of dollars to the agency for legal and medical care for the biological parents. Sometimes this process is organized by a private lawyer, not an agency.


Foster Care Adoption

Foster care adoption offers single adoptive parents an opportunity to provide loving homes for children who are in the foster care system. 

This type of adoption could include arrangements whereby persons first serve as foster parents. And later, upon parental rights being surrendered, they have the opportunity to adopt.


International Adoption

International adoption is a fairly common phenomenon in world practice. In droves, citizens of some states began to adopt children from other states after the Second World War. At present, the number of children placed for adoption by foreigners has decreased.

What means international adoption? Simply, it when a single can adopt a baby from another country. However, this process is quite complicated because of different legalities, immigration processes, and even cultural considerations. 

So, if you wish to adopt a kid from another country, you should thoroughly research requirements exclusive to that country intended for adoption. Work closely with an accredited organization so not to violate any legal processes. And have successful background checks – these have greatest importance.


Domestic Infant Adoption

Lastly, domestic infant adoption is the adoption of a newborn baby within one’s own country. In this case, single parents are also preparing for this process alongside licensed agencies or attorneys specializing in adoptions. 

What is more, singles can even be matched with expectant birth mothers. They may take part in pre-and post-placement counseling. This way, a seamless “transition” of a baby to a new family can be enjoyed by all people involved.


Single-Parent Adoption Requirements

If you think that adoption is quite easy, forget it – there are many specific requirements that can vary from country to country and even from agency to agency. 

These criteria are necessary to ensure that potential single parents have emotional stability, financial security, and general readiness to create a favorable environment for a kid.

Here are some of them:


Gate Requirements for Single-Parent Adoption

Agencies normally look for people who are at least 21 years of age for a single-parent adoption. However, some may have specific age limits or preferences stipulated by their guidelines or the age range of kids. 

While we haven’t found any additional info about the upper age limit, it’s obvious that singles at the age of 70-80 years are not able to provide a bright future for a baby.


Sexual Orientation

One of the positive features of modern-day adoption is that barrier of sexual orientation has significantly decreased and become lesser for singles who are willing to adopt. 

In most jurisdictions, such as the United States, LGBTQ+ have equal opportunities to become adopting parents as long as all other factors required by law are met. So, sexual orientation is no more an obstacle in adoption.


Criminal History

The next important requirement is a single’s criminal history. Of course, if a single mom or dad was once in prison, then the possibility of adoption will be extremely low due to the uncertainty of social services that such a person will be able to provide a normal future for the child.

So, in the evaluation of candidates seeking approval for solo-parent adoption, customary examinations into one’s past transgressions are conducted. 

Although a record of unlawful activities by no means acts as an insurmountable impediment, specific transgressions might elicit heightened scrutiny contingent upon their inherent character and gravity.


Living in the State

The geographical situation holds significant sway in the sphere of solo-parent adoption. Ordinarily, aspiring adoptive parents must either reside within the confines of the nation or state they seek to adopt from or display a willingness to consider adoptions spanning across state lines or even international boundaries.

This requirement guarantees the fulfilment of requisites aligned with the legal statutes and regulations upheld by particular jurisdictions governing the protocols of adoption.


Adoption Process for Single Parents

Definitely, adopting as a single parent is not an easy process. The phases involve thorough background checks, home visits of some agencies, and many other kinds of paperwork, just like in a traditional adoption.  

A potential adoptive parent must be of age and capable, not have a criminal record, not be deprived of parental rights. A person who was previously removed from custody for poor performance of duties, or if he / she was once an adoptive parent, but the adoption was cancelled by the court through his / her fault, will not be allowed to take a child into the family. 

So, if you want to adopt a child while being single, be sure to research all the steps: 


Decision to Accept

Social laws gravitate more to the laws of physics than mathematics; in them, minus by minus does not give a plus, but gives an even greater minus. In physics, this is called resonance.

Therefore, out of grief or misfortune, you can’t adopt in any way! Two unhappy people cannot become happy just because they began to live together, but they will definitely become even more unhappy and this is tantamount to family suicide. 

Another thing is if a person is happy and can share happiness. So if you don’t feel happy yet, take care of yourself first.


Assessing Potential Single Adopters

What is more, apart from analyzing your decision to adopt, agencies will usually thoroughly assess your personal qualities. These may include your character traits, ability to show love and compassion, your willingness of adopters to learn, and so on.

Such assessment helps determine if a potential single mom or dad is well suited for this role. Obviously, if you have the capability of nurturing relationships with a child that needs a family and giving them all your love, experience, compassion, and other important qualities, then you’re able to provide a loving home to this baby.


Assessment of Family Support

While being a single parent means taking on all parental responsibilities solo, having strong support is CRITICAL. Don’t you think that you can handle everything on your own? Maybe, later, yes. But in the beginning…everything would be quite complicated. Adoption agencies know and understand it. 

It is important to know that when adopting, the most important period will be the very first six months or a year, while adaptation is in progress, i.e. while attachment is formed and family relationships are formed. In this part of the mother, no one can and should not replace.

Anyone can help – parents, friends, neighbours, a nanny. But leave them the auxiliary work: to buy, bring, prepare, cook, spend some time with the child. A nanny is a good help to a solo mother, but she should not become a mother substitute, but only a mother’s assistant – nothing more.


Verification of Financial Stability

Financial stability is another important aspect considered during adoption – no matter you’re future mom or dad. So, the primary documents that agencies usually check are your tax returns or employment records. 

To take place in your small family, you will need rather big resources. Perhaps even more than in a complete family, which means that you should stock up on this in advance and create reserves – forces, finances and provide yourself with assistants.

If you have no means, they will assume that you wish to depend on social assistance programs – it can undermine the whole process, even when your personal qualities are just “wow.”


Flexible Work Schedule 

Finally, the last step while adopting a child as a single is to ensure that you have a really flexible schedule. Balancing work and parenting isn’t an easy even for married couples – not even talking about single-parent households!

It is no secret that raising children is a complex and time-consuming process. A married couple can go through difficulties together. But raising a child alone places additional responsibility on the parent.

For example, you may be asked to provide your work schedules. This way, agencies can properly analyze and judge whether you are able to provide enough time and attention to the baby.

If your schedule is flexible, then YESSS, the adoption is just in your pocket. 

But why is flexibility such significant? Because it allows you to attend school events, show up for appointments at doctors’ offices, and make other important commitments. This way, you can ensure that a child’s emotional well-being comes first.


How Much Does Adoption For Single Parents Cost?

The cost of adoption for single parents would be derived from the number of factors involved. For example, they may include the type of adoption, the state or country where the adoption was supposed to take place, and the cost of the adoption agency or attorney. 

According to U.S. Department for Health and Human Services from Child Welfare Information Gateway, adopting a child costs an average between $20,000 and $45,000. Expensive? Yes. Does it worth it? SURE.

This would cover court costs, home studies, transport, and lodging. Other expenses include legal fees, medical charges, and other living expenses for the birth parent.


Main Tips For Adopting As A Single Parent

Now that you have read all the requirements and necessary steps, it’s high time to provide you with some tips that will guide you in this journey. 

Believe us, you MUST keep yourself prepared. That’s because you are going to embark on an adventure that will change your life FOREVER. 

So, here are some things to consider to make the process smoother and easier:


Choose The Right Agency

The first and foremost step is to select the right adoption agency. Don’t hesitate to look for the one that supports and believes in single-parent adoptions. IT’S IMPORTANT!

Once you choose an organization, ask them to provide you will all the necessary data. It may include recommendations on how to proceed specially tailored to singles, some adoption requirements, tips, general legal rules, and so on.  


Understand Adoption Is An Irreversible Process

Next, remember that adoption is a lifetime commitment – both emotionally and legally. This tip is also of great importance. You should understand that you MUST PRIORITIZE YOUR TIME and deeply understand a new reality beforehand. 

Once you make a decision, there is no way back – get prepared for all the future joys, struggles, and responsibilities. And don’t forget about the legal and emotional ramifications! 

Remember, your child might have had a tough and traumatic life beforehand. Learn to treat them with understanding and respect.


Be Patient – The Process Will Be Long

Adoption is not a shortcut – it’s just part of one long journey. So, the next important tip for you is to be really-really patient. All these background checks, visits, interviews – yes, they take a lot of time. What we can say more, you can even face some obstacles and challenges.

So, patience, patience…Just keep your hope alive since every check-up and interview draws you closer to meeting your future child. Those who can wait always win. 


Prepare Emotionally

Yes, we have already mentioned that emotional preparation is quite important. But we’ll remind you again – emotional preparation has the greatest importance. Why? Because it is a new experience in your life and the life of your future baby.

Don’t know how to prepare? Well… First, acknowledge your strengths and work on the things where you may need some support or growth.

If you can’t make it on your own, consider joining counselling or support groups. Why not? This way, you’ll be completely equipped mentally for this wonderful but demanding experience. 


Adopt As A Single Parent


Don’t Expect That Child To Show Love From The First Day

Building trust and love takes time – it isn’t an instant family bond for most adoptive parents or kids. Don’t expect your child to immediately connect or give affection. 

Give them some space to adjust – at their own pace. Patience and understanding are key as they acclimate to their new life. 


Provide Yourself With Strong Support

Another point that was already mentioned in this article – providing yourself with strong support. Yes, it’s a MUST for a solo mom (or dad). Don’t have any close family members? No problem… Maybe you have friends, neighbours, or even online interlocutors who can provide you with some piece of advice or even help.

Asking for support isn’t something shameful. Conversely, having a helping hand or an interested ear is something that you will need both in times of joy and pleasure and hurdles. 


Plan For Extraordinary Situations

Another thing you should remember is to be ready for almost EVERYTHING. Parenting is full of surprises… Therefore, getting ready for anything extraordinary needs to be imperative.

Think of having a prepared plan in place in case of an emergency, or even any behavioural challenges if they occur, or anything different your child would need you to handle instead.


Do Not Expect Much Success And Achievements From The First Day

What else should you take into account? Not having quite optimistic expectations, of course. Yes-yes, be realistic – it takes time for both you and your child to adjust to this new family dynamic. 

Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself or your kid to achieve perfection right away. Celebrate small victories along the way. They will help you achieve the greatest joy.


Carefully Choose The Teachers Who Will Work With Your Child

Your child’s education also contributes significantly to the general development of your kid. You should remember it from the first day.

So, the process of selecting teachers should be quite careful. For example, choose ones who embrace diversity and understand adoption-related challenges. And, yes… they MUST be supportive of the unique needs that single-parent families can have. 

If you choose the ones that have understanding and empathy, it can contribute much to the baby’s educational experience.


Discard All Negative Thoughts

What is more, societal criticisms and judgments are another challenge in adopting as a single. So, the main tip here is to discard opinions or bad thoughts. They can just dampen your confidence as a capable, loving parent. 

Go ahead and create good surrounding factors and find people who believe in you as well as your ability to give them a nurturing home. 


Surround The Child With Care And Love

Ultimately, embark on the glorious quest of enveloping your precious offspring in a cascading symphony of tender affection, boundless adoration, and unfathomable comprehension — for they are deserving of nothing less than an opulent deluge of heartfelt devotion. And execute this task on a daily basis; make it a habit. 

Foster an ambiance characterized by congeniality and supportive care. This is the surefire path for your precious little one to experience a cocoon of security and affection; a sanctuary where their heart will be nurtured and cherished.

Let it be etched upon your heart: the power of love transcends all boundaries, encompassing single parents and otherwise; thus, enabling the forging of an unwavering connection with your child that endures for the entirety of their existence.



Doors of adopting as a single parent are opening wider, challenging the perception that it is only for the traditional family. Though the unique struggles single parents may face, love does have no limits. 

Choose your agency wisely, be patient throughout the course of proceedings, emotionally prep yourself well in advance of going through with your adoption, and surround your child with care and love — but also have a strong support system at hand — and you can successfully cruise on through the journey of single-parent adoption.

So don’t let fear or limitation hold you back – step out and allow your heart to open up to the wonderful opportunity of building a family through adoption. Your future child is ready, waiting to fill the life of your with huge love and massive joy.



What Is The Oldest Adoption Age?

Adoption age can vary under the circumstances – even between one country and another. For instance, some may not have an upper age limit, while others have restrictions or requirements set at a certain time period. However, older parents do impose additional worries. Such concerns will normally be in terms of health problems or ensuring they have made plans on how they intend to make a long-term commitment toward the education and upbringing of the child.


What Is The Hardest Thing About Adoption?

The part of adoption that can be the most difficult is from within each person. For a few, it might be the emotional ride of waiting and uncertainty. Others might struggle to tackle/handle the legal process or take societal judgments in. Each adoptive parent’s story is his/her own, so support and understanding are pretty important throughout it all.


Can A Single Parent Adopt A Child In The Us?

Yes, though single individuals may need to tackle a few difficulties in the adoption process. These can range from extensive background investigations and potential legal complications to expensive fees; nevertheless, with assistance from professional adoption agencies they too have an opportunity of forming their own family.


How Do I Know If I Am Ready For Adoption?

Knowing if you are ready for adoption is one of the more personal decisions that you will make. Consider your emotional readiness, financial stability, ability to provide a lovely home environment, and motives for wanting to be an adoptive parent. And what’s more – try to make an informed choice by seeking support from professionals or experienced adoptive parents.

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