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Can You Install Porcelain Paving Throughout Your Home?

Have you always dreamed of having a modern, easy-to-maintain tiled floor that extends right the way through your house and into the garden? There’s something really beautiful about space that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors, and a continual design is guaranteed to make your space appear bigger.

Finding pavers that suit your home and garden design can be challenging, but there are companies that specialise in indoor/outdoor porcelain paving so you can make your design dreams a reality. Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the right indoor/outdoor paving for your home.


Porcelain Paving


Tile Thickness

Generally, outdoor tiles are thicker than indoor tiles (20mm compared to 10mm). This is because outdoor tiles can be installed using a pedestal system, and they need to be heavy enough to weigh the pedestals down and stay in place. Thicker tiles are better at withstanding the challenges the weather throws at them, and they’re less prone to scuffing and damage from shoes.

Conversely, indoor tiles tend to be thinner and lighter making them more suitable for installation inside where the wind and rain isn’t a problem. There’s no need to install the thicker outdoor tiles in this setting and buying thinner indoor tiles will save you money. Less material, lower cost!




Now you understand why your outdoor pavers are likely to be thicker than your indoor ones, we can turn our attention to design. If you’re planning to have these tiles throughout your home and garden, it’s important you choose a design you love.

Companies like PrimaPorcelain offer a wide range of colours and designs that are sure to suit your interior and exterior spaces. The beauty of porcelain paving is that it can be manufactured to give a lot of different finishes that aren’t found in natural stones.

For example, did you know you can order porcelain paving with a real-wood finish? That’s right, you can bypass all the hassle of sanding, staining and sealing a timber wood floor and create a seamless indoor/outdoor area with a gorgeous natural wood effect using durable porcelain tiles!

By choosing porcelain paving, you really are opening up a world of possibilities, plus you benefit from minimal maintenance. With high-quality porcelain paving, you’ll enjoy your new indoor/outdoor space for years to come.

Creating a seamless indoor/outdoor transition is easier than you might think. With the right tiles and a great design, you can open up and expand the living space in your home.

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