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Can you protect your home from pet damage? Here are some recommendations

Learn how to reduce the chances of your pet causing havoc around the house. 

Adopting a pet brings tremendous benefits to the entire family. Soon after getting them home, you’ll find your life enriched by their loving nature, and you won’t be able to imagine a day without them. For your furred baby’s comfort and health, you spend a large portion of your income on providing them with healthy food, comfortable pet beds, toys, and high-quality leashes. You might even budget for vaccinations and pet insurance to ensure they stay in top shape. But unfortunately, you cannot anticipate the potential for the damage a pet has before bringing them home, and they end up breaking your possessions and home. 

According to studies, 70% of pet parents have had their homes damaged by their furred companions and spent a great deal of money to repair or replace broken items. 

You don’t want to find yourself in the situation of having to break the bank to replace an expensive couch or TV only because your pet got bored and broke it. The following pieces of advice should help you prevent your furred baby from wrecking your home. 


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Keep your pets well-exercised

An essential step in preventing your pet from damaging your house is to provide daily exercise, so they don’t have a burst of energy and take it onto the surroundings. Physical activity is paramount for cats’ and dogs’ mental, physical, and emotional well-being, just as it is for humans. If you neglect to exercise them daily, they might exhibit problem behaviour which can lead to pet damage. Some signs that your pet lacks exercise are chewing rugs, pillows, and curtains, excessive scratching, and digging. And when you have more than one pet, there’s a high chance they become more rambunctious and engage in all kinds of nasty activities. 

Most pets destroy furniture and break things around the house because they’re bored. Depending on their breed and size, a 15-30 minutes playtime twice a day should lower their energy levels and keep them entertained. 


Train your pets

Hiring a professional to train your dog is the best decision you can make after adopting them, especially if they’re a puppy. Training a dog from a young age is more successful than if they’d get involved in the process when already adults. 

Suppose you lack the skills or time to handle their training on your own; you can collaborate with a professional. Training your pet as soon as you bring them home is recommended because if they engage in destructive behaviour for a long time, it’ll be harder to correct it. Professional training does more than improve their behaviour; it also makes them more obedient, alleviates their stress, and helps them learn how to avoid conflict with other pets. 

And don’t forget to communicate with your pets to establish a loving bond and create a harmonious environment where they can grow happy and healthy. Work with your cats and dogs to ensure they understand the rules of your house. It doesn’t mean that you should punish their disobedience, but more than that you should teach them what behaviours are accepted in your home. 





Provide the pets with appropriate outlets for chewing and scratching

Cats love to scratch things; everyone knows it. Don’t have the misconception this is one of their bad habits; they have a biological need to do it because it enables them to sharpen their claws and moult the outer layers of keratin. It’s also a form of physical activity that allows them to exercise and a way to mark their territory through the glands they have in their claws. The easiest way to ensure that your cat’s scratching needs don’t wreak havoc on your house is to provide them with appropriate pads and posts

Dogs also chew things as a form of exercise to release stress and combat boredom. Chewing is essential in a puppy’s way of exploring the world. Offering a variety of toys they can chew will prevent them from turning to your belongings. 

Pet-proof the house

Suppose your pet is especially stubborn; you need to take some precautions to protect your home. You can opt for performance fabric for furniture because it’s durable, easy to clean when minor accidents happen, and stain resistant. Performance fabrics are usually used for rugs, upholstery, and window treatments, so you can pet-proof your home using them.     

You can also protect your furniture and belongings by wrapping them in plastic pet-scratch guards that deter cats away. Most cats prefer scratching corners, and plastic wraps are easy to install on these areas. 

For your sofa, you can opt for a throw to keep the pet hair away and prevent it from getting stained from drool. Use lint rollers to remove any rogue hairs that might get on fabrics. 

It’s also a good idea to set boundaries for your pets so they don’t have access to all spaces and surfaces. If you don’t want them on the couch, get them some snuggly beds they can use in the living room while you’re watching TV. 

In case you allow your pets to join you in the bedroom, create a safe space where they can sleep to deter any disruptive behaviour that might affect your rest. 

Create cosy areas for your pets

Ensure your pets have cosy spaces where they can stay when you’re spending time in a particular room. It’s crucial for them to feel safe and have a special area where they can unwind. Whether you place pet beds or other dens around the house, make sure they have spots where they can go when they don’t want to be disturbed by other family members or pets. 

And don’t forget to remove all hazardous items from around the house. Medication, tweezers, nail scissors, and other similar items present risks for pets and it’s best to keep them out of reach. Pets love to explore the house, especially when you’re away from home, so keep it risk-free to prevent health issues. 


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