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CBD Cakes – How to choose the right cake for the occasion

CBD cakes.

Oh my goodness me they just look absolutely delicious! 

I do love cake, do you? I think there are just so many occasions that call out for the perfect cake. 


 CBD cakes 

If you are looking at ordering cakes in Sydney your go to place has to be CBD cakes. They do absolutely everything from mud cakes to vegan cakes to gluten free cakes. I took a look at some of their luscious cakes and decided what occasions I would use them for.



Mud Cakes

How to choose the right cake for the occasion


This CBD cake is a caramel mud cake – doesn’t it look absolutely delicious! 


When would you have a mud cake? For me this is a birthday party cake for a grown up, rich and tasty and silky and just delicious but with a cake-y air of sophistication.

 This cake is described as having a  moist layer of caramel mud & caramel ganache and it is topped with crushed sugared almonds.

It definitely ranks up there as one of my favourites and you just HAVE to have a birthday cake don’t you (at least one.) 


Slab cake 

 Oh my mouth watered when I took at look at this slab cake – it is a St Honore Toffee slab cake oozing with lush  layers of flaky mille feulle pastry with vanilla custard. On the tops there ate opped with chocolate profiteroles filled with chocolate custard or toffee profiteroles filled with vanilla custard.

Oh wow!


How to choose the right cake for the occasion  


This is a cake to be shared at an office party perhaps or maybe a special team event.


Fruity cakes

Ah a fruit pie, deliciously traditional but doesn’t it always goes down an absolute treat with each and every generation. I would order this to have as dessert after a special Sunday dinner or if my in laws came to stay and I wanted to hugely impress them.


CBD Cakes


Peach tart, apricot tart, strawberry and cream sponge… Oh I am making myself hungry. I love fresh fruit and cake it truly is a spectacular combination. 


Mousse CBD cakes 

This Mars bar tart cake makes me go weak at the knees. 


CBD Cakes


I love a creamy mousse..it does feel especially indulgent.


I am one huge mars bar fan and yet only let myself have one sporadically  and this…well this would be a massive indulgence.

Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious?

If I had to pick just one of the cakes I have shown you this would be the one that I would choose. 

And okay (I will be honest) I might not share it. 



Vegan CBD Cakes

Last but not least sometimes it just is time for a vegan cake!

My little girl who is 12 now went vegan last year and we just threw her a surprise party to celebrate. We managed with some little treats and many green balloons but if I had to choose one big vegan cake this is what I would have chosen.



Vegan banana cake …now that is cause for celebration just in itself..doesn’t it look stunning. Just the ticket for a surprise party too.


So there you go a selection of truly yummy cakes  and a little guide to how to choose the right cake for the occasion.


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