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Cersaie 2023, a unique opportunity to discover Ceramiche Refin’s new collections

During Cersaie 2023, the renowned international event in the world of surface design, bathroom furnishings, and architectural finishes held in Bologna from September 25th to 29th, Ceramiche Refin, a famous Italian company, unveiled its latest collections. These products are the result of research that focused on several different looks, from natural inspirations to the most innovative elements, and they were showcased in a refreshed setting, a stand curated by Studio Salaris Milano.

The stand, specifically created for the event, was designed to highlight Ceramiche Refin’s latest innovations. Conceived as a kind of art gallery, it includes a series of exhibitions, each with its own unique features, yet all unified by a consistent and cohesive architecture.


Delving into the collections, we find HALO. It is a line of brick-effect wall tiles, in the unusual 6×24 cm format. The surfaces feature an alternation of light and dark streaks, combined with soft reliefs that give the product a three-dimensional, uneven touch, which is also accentuated by deliberate irregularities along the edges.

The intense colour variations available contribute to making the proposal even more dynamic and contemporary. It ranges from more subdued shades like Cotton white, Ink black, and Chrome grey to bolder nuances like Ocean blue, Basil green, and Cherry red. The collection is ideal for highlighting architectural volumes and furnishing elements in commercial spaces and residential environments.

On the other hand, COQUILLE is the result of a careful aesthetic elaboration of the characteristics of limestone. It synthesizes the fascination of mineral elements into balanced, discreet, and contemporary ceramic surfaces. Exquisite and delicately balanced graphic markings, subtle veining, and fossil inclusions merge with the nuances and chiaroscuro of the background, alternating denser regions of traces with more homogeneous zones, creating a gentle shading.

The four neutral shades, reproducing the tones of grey and beige, emphasize the natural effect of the collection: Perle, Gris, Champagne, and Sable. Perfect for various applications in architecture and interior design, even for tiles for kitchen, COQUILLE is available in different formats, ranging from 30×60 cm to 120×120 cm, including two OUT2.0 variants with a 2 cm thickness.


Cersaie 2023


Among other novelties, the restyling of the PRESTIGIO collection stands out, created to expand the company’s range of marble-effect ceramic slabs in line with the latest industry trends. The collection combines the authenticity of natural marbles with an original contemporary language, becoming an expression of a classic look revisited in a modern key.

The new variants of white marbles are five: Statuario Apuano, Calacatta Oro, Nuvolato, Arabescato, and Opera. The colours are available in various formats, including the large 120×278 cm slabs. The new version of PRESTIGIO interacts with the light and envelop rooms, creating sophisticated and balanced atmospheres.

TAMASHI, which means “soul” in Japanese, is the new collection of wood-effect porcelain inspired by contemporary and essential woods, highly appreciated, and used in furnishings. It represents the result of rigorous research aimed at achieving the perfect graphic and colour balance. Furthermore, the line is characterized by uniform and balanced surfaces, with fine, dense, parallel veins and subtle colour nuances. It is a collection of elegant and refined taste, minimalist but with a great expressive power.

Certainly, even more unique is the CERA collection, based on the observation of wax, its changes, and transformations. Original and entirely unprecedented in the world of ceramic surfaces, it features graphics with great depth, including details such as small cracks, traces, and cavities dancing on a background that alternates between light and dark areas. The Cerasilk finish adds a silky and textural sensation, emphasizing the fluidity of wax.

Finally, NAMIB is the collection inspired by one of the world’s oldest deserts, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, capable of blending simplicity and immensity, bringing the suggestions of unspoilt nature into the realm of design. The alternation of light and dark streaks on the overall uniform surface, together with the calibrated irregularity of the grain and colour, convey a subtle effect of depth and movement.

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