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Cetaphil Review – The Sensitive Skincare Range

Cetaphil Review – The Sensitive Skincare Range

 What kind of skin do you have?

 I have always had sensitive skin ever since I was a child and I react very badly to anything too perfumed or too strong going anywhere near my face.

I am 50 this year and my skin is looking a little grey from all this lockdwon and quite wrinkly I have to say my diet has not been great and I have had a few spots break out too. I am not looking my best right now! 

Some skincare TLC was most definitely in order.

I do love skincare products and trying out new things so I was absolutely delighted to be asked to try out the Cetaphil skincare range.

One of the leading providers of skincare products in the UK, Cetaphil have an extensive range of creams, lotions and facial washes which have been specifically created to help keep skin problems at bay.

 This is JUST what I needed.


Cetaphil Review


My Cetaphil Review Products 

The products I chose to try were

  • Cetaphil Rich Night Cream
  • Hydrating day cream
  • Exfoliating cleanser

Let me talk you through them and how they worked for me. 


Cetaphil Review – Rich Night Cream

I love a rich night cream treatment and I  like to think of it working into my skin and performing miracles as I sleep. The texture of the Cetaphil rich night cream was lovely, I just applied it to my face and neck after cleansing – it slid on easily but felt creamy and substantial and really very pleasant.

It made my skin comfortable and I have woken up each morning with hydrated moisturized and much smoother skin. It didn’t block my pores and I felt me skin could breathe whilst wearing it despite it being a rich cream. I like this product very  much. 


Cetaphil Review


Cetaphil Review – Daily Hydrating Moisturiser

This daily moisturiser felt a lot lighter than the night cream which is what I would want as I would be putting my make up on top.

I found it lightweight and quick absorbing both of which really matter to me in a day moisturiser. It gave strong hydration that lasted throughout the day and it felt so very light I immediately forgot about it. Just the ticket.

I love that it contains Hyaluronic acid which can help increase  moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Begone wrinkles!


Cetaphil Review


Cetaphil Review – Cetaphil Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Oh this is a fantastic product.

It gives such a nice clean and fresh feel to my face and doesn’t feel too harsh or scratchy  It is a a light scrub with a gentle exfoliating action and I like it a lot. It is so light I would be happy to use this every day and it seems to have done great things for my spots.

The Cetaphil exfoliating cleanser works on dry, oily or combination skin and unclogs pores and lifts dead skin cells. I think it is great and gently enough to share with my teens.


So to the results of my Cetaphil Review – so I have been using these products for week now and I have to say i think they are lovely, both gentle and effective and I would happily recommend them 


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