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Characteristics of a Hamptons Style Kitchen

The heart of the Hamptons style kitchen is a center island, which in most cases includes an exposed wood top. This trendy kitchen design is perfect for entertaining and can have a big impact on your overall space when combined with the right appliances and cabinets. The countertop is usually large enough for two people to stand at opposite ends of the island while cooking or preparing food. When you’re choosing your cabinet doors, make sure to choose ones that look good from both sides.


Characteristics of a Hamptons Style Kitchen

  1. What is a Hamptons Style Kitchen

A Hamptons Style Kitchen is often referred to as a “gourmet kitchen” or an “outdoor kitchen.” The style is characterized by an open floor plan, high-quality materials and appliances, and the use of natural light. A traditional Hamptons style kitchen has more of a modern feel with clean lines, sleek finishes, and large windows that bring in ample sunlight.


  1. Why does it matter what kind of kitchen you have

Because a kitchen is a place where one spends a lot of time, it’s important to be able to enjoy spending time there. Having a kitchen that someone likes can make living somewhere more enjoyable and provides an opportunity to cook delicious food for guests that come over. As such, certain characteristics that define a Hamptons kitchen to establish how it can be enjoyable and inviting.


  1. The benefits of having a Hamptons style kitchen

A Hamptons style kitchen is a type of kitchen that is high end with its open layout, beautiful cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and often even marble or granite counters. People often use these kitchens for entertaining guests. A few of the benefits of having a Hamptons style kitchen are:


-The cabinets are built to suit your needs


-They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye


-It allows for more space which can be used for storage or luxury items


-There is an airy feeling that you can enjoy because there are multiple windows


-It is easy to clean thanks to the fact that there are fewer hard surfaces.


  1. Design tips for creating an authentic look and feel for your space

Choose a color palette that is warm and inviting. Warm colors include both light and rich colors that range from the soft yellows in the sun to the deep golds in a sunset. Consider using accents of black, silver, gold, or copper to add shine and dimension, and avoid garish patterns and damask prints with ornate embellishments. It might be hard at times, but refrain from overloading your space with decorative items such as oversized urns, large sculptures, heavy furniture pieces, or delicate trims. Finally, use “coziness” as a design goal when selecting textiles, upholstery, window treatments, and lighting.

A Hamptons Style Kitchen has many positive characteristics that can make it an enjoyable place to be, such as high-quality materials and appliances, an open floor plan, and the use of natural light to bring in warmth. Now that you are educated on what makes a Hamptons style kitchen, feel free to explore the endless possibilities and start designing your very own. Remember to put some of these key features into consideration before starting out. If you still need help, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to assist you in creating your dream kitchen!


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