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Cheating during quarantine, how to avoid it?

Let’s talk about cheating during quarantine.

While social distancing separates some couples physically, in the exact opposite way, quarantine also puts many other relationships in permanent contact. Sharing the same space every hour of the day, every day of the week, with the same person can be quite a challenge.


Cheating during quarantine, how to avoid it?

Relationships go through deprivation and different phases that can be the differentiating element when this happens. Healthy ones can return to normal within a while, and even get stronger. However, if the relationship is already worn out or even toxic, it can eventually result in a separation.

Within the whole process, there is also infidelity. In a society where monogamy prevails, women are still the ones most willing to see relationships through to the end with all the underlying problems. Men show higher levels of infidelity either in times of confinement or even before this new situation, with professionals such as the escorts in Sydney. Happiness is an important point, being it predominant among women, who learn to deal with problems more quickly than men in general.


But how can a person be unfaithful in times of a pandemic?

This is a question that may have different views. Among them, first we must clarify, what attitudes are considered infidelity? Can an increase in users of dating applications or virtual sex advertising portals be one of the answers?

More than being physically unfaithful, infidelity occurs emotionally. Those feelings and thoughts are the ones that show a desire to be with another person, either it is a secret lover or one of the beautiful London escorts with whom the interested party may talk virtually. All this can make a mess in the head of anyone who is in a slightly weak relationship.

This is an interesting topic that may have a diversity of opinions. Skokka agrees with the fact that the level of happiness changes when relationships are tested. The duty to stay at home increases the chances of infidelity; in the end, the routine is changed and many other details become important.

So why not talk openly about infidelity while in confinement?

Cheating during quarantine, how to avoid it?

Keeping a healthy relationship during quarantine

When quarantine is indicated as necessary, many theories begin to circulate as to what will happen inside a house. 

We hear a lot that couples who are married (nobody knows the reality between couples) are going to be the most fulfilled in terms of sexual pleasure. Those who don’t have children are probably the ones who can enjoy themselves the most since they don’t have someone who needs attention 24 hours a day. But… does that mean that there will be hours of sex as if there were no tomorrow?

The secret is to maintain romance, to give and receive small surprises like a romantic dinner, to watch a series, to resume couple activities that had already stopped being part of the couple’s routine on account of the daily routine. Attention to each other seems to be back at the center of daily challenges when you are under one roof. 

The theme of infidelity appears when there is a change in the level of complicity of the couple. Social alienation, besides changing each person’s entire routine, is the greatest enemy for people who can no longer escape when conflict arises. 

This moment opens the doors so that ideas can be cleared. This is time when many go to apps, you look for call girls in Delhi with virtual services, video calls, entertainment… 


Physically separated couples. Yes, you can!

Now the question returns, what attitudes are considered infidelity? It is difficult to answer depending on each person’s situation. Couples who are physically separated, while still waiting for the reunion, go through the challenge of missing physical contact on top of everything else. No one has to be convinced of what is right because, as you can see, there are cases and cases for people to justify their actions.

For lovers who respect the recommendations, it is time to share emotions and situations using the tools that technology offers, such as the video calls offered by Skokka. But there are also calls between couples to suppress the fault and count down to the reunion. To avoid falling into a routine of looking for fun in other media, the best thing is to find a way to make love, be surprised and always want more and more. 

It is time to innovate, accepting that there is time for everything and that a reunion full of pleasure will be possible later on.


Cheating during quarantine is a feature post by Julia Santos

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