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How do your children sleep in their bedroom?

How do your children sleep in their bedroom?

Seeing all the monsters submitted to the Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting SoftPals competition I posted about before Christmas got me thinking about how children cope in their bedrooms. It’s funny how we expect children to sleep by themselves and remain comforted through the night without getting scared. We spend time decorating their rooms, but what about the lighting?




How do your children sleep in their bedroom?

Philips have been working with sleep expert and psychologist Chireal Shallows of the Baby Sleep Clinic to start a conversation about the issue of the kid’s bedroom and making children feel comforted in their bedrooms as part of their Imaginative Lighting campaign. Chireal says: “Night-time is the longest period of time our children are alone and away from us, so it’s no surprise that most children are scared of the dark at some stage in their life. Without lights children are able to imagine, think and feel  more vividly. They also find it harder to orientate and ground themselves or self sooth when they cannot see familiar things.

Nightmares can be a normal part of a childhood anxiety at bedtime and for children they can be understood as vivid dreams, images and thoughts that children see as scary or threatening. Nightmares and dreams are the young brains’ way of dealing with some of our experiences in the real world, both normal occurrences and stress related occurrences.”


Here are four tips from Chireal to help your kiddies feel safer and night:

·           Use Phillips Disney Soft Pal lights as night lights to help children ground themselves and feel safe

·           Remove a mirror if they are opposite/near a child’s bed

·           Take toys and cuddly animal off the shelves and pack in a box out of view

·           Place pictures of familiar faces of family members in the child’s room


The Philips Disney SoftPals collection, a selection of Disney character lights that act as a night light for children moving around in the home at night, provide a friendly level of comfort for children. The range helps children cope, they are easy to use and portable.

I’m interested to know your stories about getting your little ones to sleep in their bedroom.

Don’t forget the competition I mentioned, ends at the end of this month – here are the links again – don’t forget to use the hashtag #notsoscary to win.

·         https://twitter.com/PhilipsLights   

·         https://www.facebook.com/seewhatlightcando/app_553594038066791  

·         http://animatedmonsters.tumblr.com    

·         http://www.pinterest.com/philipslights/   

·         http://www.youtube.com/user/philipslighting

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