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Choice of subtle jewellery for women who appreciate minimalism

Almost every woman has at least one necklace in her collection that she wears for special occasions. However, it is also worth keeping everyday jewellery to match the casual outfits. Many items available on the market will work for any occasion, both for evening and casual outfits. Women are more and more willing to reach for minimalist jewellery that only emphasises their subtle character and classic style.


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Gold ankle bracelets as a must-have for the summer season

During the holiday season, we like to bare our legs by wearing shorts, airy dresses, sandals and slides. You can certainly complement such an airy outfit with a 14 karat gold ankle bracelet that is sure to enchant everyone with its brilliance.  There are many more or less minimalist options on the market. Women are increasingly opting for simple designs highlighting their classic approach to fashion.  Gold ankle bracelet in combination with a refined pedicure is a perfect decoration for our feet during the summer. If you’re a fan of subtle jewellery, go for a delicate chain, while lovers of glamour and extravagance should choose a bracelet with many eye-catching pendants, jingling cheerfully, for example, while walking. If you want to accessorise your feet in an original way, be sure to get yourself a trendy ankle bracelet to wear with pride during the summer season.

Delicate beaded necklace for a subtle touch of your outfit

Necklaces have adorned women’s necklines for centuries. They can be an original addition to outfit or become the highlight of an evening style. Nowadays, the much-loved option is a chain with delicate pendants, the so-called ‘celebrity’, worn quite close to the neck. It’s a model that’s great for everyday wear, and is an absolute must-have for many casual outfits. An example of a simple, minimalist celebrity necklace with a modern twist is a gold ball chain necklace. This is a timeless and versatile trend that will look great with other chains, creating layered compositions. Such a delicate chain is an expression of lightness, femininity and style and it should unquestionably find its way into your collection.

Hoop earrings, a class of its own

One of the most popular types of earrings are those in the shape of hoops. For years they have been a top choice in jewellery trends. Women wear them regardless of occasions, as they suit both evening and casual styles. There are many different models of this type of earrings – smaller, larger, with additional pendants, precious stones, embedded zircons or in a form of stud earrings. If you are a minimalist, your collection must include essential hoops earrings. They are an expression of simple, classic style that fits into modern trends. They are a delicate and subtle decoration for everyday and special occasions. Moreover, hoop earrings are an expression of unforced elegance, they will always look impeccable, especially if combined with an aesthetically pleasing updo. Fashion trends, including jewellery trends, are constantly changing. However, there are models that are timeless and go well with any style. Hoop earrings, or the subtle necklace with balls, are an option not only for every day, but also forspecial occasion. On the other hand, ankle bracelets are a must-have for the summer season. Exceptional gold jewellery will work wherever there is love for classic with a modern twist.

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