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Choose a Designer Rug for Your Home This Spring

Choose a Designer Rug for Your Home This Spring

Quality is back and with full force. The idea of investing in one well-crafted piece that will last you a lifetime is finally back in fashion and I couldn’t be happier. With that in mind, I’ve put together a fabulous list of designer rugs to help lift your space. Not only will they look wonderful, but also they will last and last.

The Wire Rug from Asiatic is a chic example of contemporary pattern and a striking monotone colour scheme.  Asiatic is a world leader in rug design and oozes quality and craftsmanship. The rug is made from lovely soft wool and is delicately hand tufted in India.  I like its simple but strong print and would use it in my home to add a bit of textural interest. This design would compliment many contemporary spaces and supply that little bit of interest into a minimalist interior.

Choose a Designer Rug


Choose a Designer Rug for Your Home This Spring

Illulian’s striking Joker rug reminds me of a piece of art. Its playful design and bright colours would be perfect for a home that needs an injection of colour. For those that fear colour, there are a couple of options that are slightly more monotone so if you like the pattern but don’t want all of that glow then there is a way to still have this beautiful rug. It’s made from luxury wool and silk  and feels fabulous underfoot.  This is a versatile statement piece that would work for a fun family home or for an art-conscious pad.


If you are looking for a dash of decadence and luxury then the Firuzabad collection by Golran would be perfect.  It’s carefully made from a wonderful mixture of wool and silk and will add a touch of understated glamour to a space.  The range of colours, inspired by the natural world, will work well in a large contemporary home and would definitely create a dramatic impact.

Last, but certainly not least, I bring you the Mondo rug by Cappellini from The Longest Stay.  This vast map of the world rug has a gentle blue background, which helps to create a really calming and tranquil space.  The actual map has been created using a decorative Persian pattern which makes it pop against the subtle background.  It’s made from New Zealand wool so you are sure to get a quality feel.  With this lovely statement rug you can get off to the perfect start with your new quality over quantity mantra.

Choose a Designer Rug



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