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Choosing a Good Camping Chair

A camping chair is far more than just a tool you bring while camping. When you are out in the wilderness and trying to camp on your own terms, even the smallest amount of comfort and protection can make a huge difference – and a chair is something incredibly invaluable during these camping trips.

While you might be tempted to just buy the first chair you find, it is a much better idea to take your time and figure out what kind of chair meets your needs best. After all, you will be relying on it a lot during your camping excursions, sometimes more than you might think.




Naturally, a comfortable chair is a good chair. This is not just because it feels nice, either – comfort is an important part of staying healthy and ensuring that you are still suited to the camping trip.

If you use a chair that hurts your back or puts pressure on the wrong places, you might end up feeling sore after a couple of days into the trip. If you are out in the wild – especially up a tall hill or mountain – then a bad back can make it incredibly hard to get anywhere for at least a day or two.

Comfort also tends to matter for long-term use. You do not want to buy a painful and uncomfortable chair if you are spending a lot of time sitting down to rest, read, sleep, or eat.



The more portable your chair is, the better. Camping chairs are a core part of most camping sites, and unlike your camping wear, you have to actually carry it somehow. Most deployable camping chairs can be squashed down into a smaller form for easy transport, making them a great choice in general.

If you can’t carry your chair comfortably, then it will just slow you down and get in the way. It needs to feel like a part of your overall camping kit, not a last-minute addition.



Cost is always important. Buying a chair that is as expensive as your right boots for camping can be a big investment, but sometimes paying more for camping chairs means that you will get higher quality and better materials.

On the other hand, paying less can sometimes be a valid tactic too. It depends on how often you plan to use the chair, especially if you are worried that you might have to discard it during a multi-day hike where every piece of extra weight counts.



Choosing the Right Chair

It is impossible to find the best camping chair for every situation because there is not one. Different people will have different preferences and budget limits, and sometimes you will need to choose a smaller or lighter chair to ensure that you can still carry it with you.

Think about your own needs and try to decide what you want based on those. If you have no idea of the kind of chair you would prefer to use, then that can be a great starting point for your search. If you are buying a chair, at least make sure you buy something you’d actually be happy to use.



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