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Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Underwear

 Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Underwear – do you know where to start?


Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Underwear


Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Underwear

Choosing the right underwear doesn’t just include finding a style that you love.

It also means choosing the right fabric that will be comfortable and do its job effectively. The perfect underwear is essentially the perfect combination of style and function, so take some time to consider what fabric is most suited to the occasion at hand!

The fabric of your ladies’ knickers can also have an impact on the health of your nether region, so it’s worth thinking about! Here are some helpful tips when it comes to shopping for the right underwear.


Underwear for every day wear

If you’re in the market for simple, every day underwear to wear for work, running errands or relaxing, cotton comes out on top. Not only is it one of the most comfortable fabrics, its natural fibres are able to wick moisture away from your skin and keep you cool down there.

This is really important for preventing yeast infections; not the nicest of thoughts, but key to remember nonetheless!

If you don’t want to wear cotton underwear for whatever reason, as long as the gusset is made from cotton, you should be absolutely fine.


Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Underwearfor date night

Date night underwear can sometimes require a style that makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence. Of course there is also the possibility that this underwear will be seen by more than just you, so choosing a fancy fabric can make all the difference.

A luxury fabric such as silk is perfect for your underwear for date night or special occasion. It isn’t the most breathable of fabrics, so is best worn for a shorter amount of time than cotton styles; consider putting your silk underwear on just before you’re leaving, instead of wearing it all day.

Not only will this help your health, but it can make that underwear all the more special.

If you’re wearing something that hugs your figure, VPL is your worst enemy. Look for fabrics that are labelled seamless, as these will appear invisible under your clothes.


Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Underwear for the gym

As mentioned previously, cotton is probably the best choice if you’re headed to the gym. The breathability of the fabric will keep everything in good condition. It’s also important to change your underwear after you’ve finished working out, to make sure you’re not sitting in sweaty, sticky clothing; even if it is cotton!

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