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Choosing The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom Redecoration

Today – Choosing The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom Redecoration

The bathroom is one of the rooms that is used to an intense level, with busy families forming a queue every morning as they wait their turn. Fashions, particularly colour schemes, can become dated and the effects of steam and water can damage tiling. Consequently, your bathroom will probably be in sore need of a little redecoration more often than you think.

Choosing The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom Redecoration


Choosing The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom Redecoration


Making The Most Of A Small Space

Bathrooms are notoriously tiny so you need to plan with care to utilise every square inch while compromising on some of the features you might like but find it impossible to accommodate. For instance, a large roll top bath might leave no space for anything else, but a much smaller slipper bath can still look very stylish and be just as easy to relax in. Of course, the size of your bathroom budget will determine the type of fixtures you choose. Baths are either made of cheaper materials such as acrylic and fibreglaas, which can pick up tiny scratches, middle range priced porcelain or expensive cast iron. Taking care from the beginning can make all the difference. Lighting needs to safe and clear.



Practical But Stylish – Choosing The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom Redecoration

Toilets are redesigned regularly but many now feature water saving flush systems that are sensor activated and don’t need handling. For a touch of style opt for a toilet that fits neatly to the wall. Washbasins can be the free standing pedestal type or fitted into a vanity unit with useful storage space beneath. Shower heads can still be fitted over a bath if space is limited, but in slightly larger bathrooms there is often room for a separate shower cubicle, particularly a space saving corner unit.



Colour Transformations

The main impact of any bathroom design has to be in the overall colour scheme. Decide what makes your bathroom special to you. Is it a haven for relaxation or a place to energise? Bold colours of vivid sea green or burgundy won’t be as restful as paler beiges and greys. Neutral shades of sand, ivory or delicate aquamarine will have a longer life span as they will form a discreet backdrop for less permanent accessories such as towels, bath mats and window blinds that can be in dazzling colours that can be changed more frequently to create another new look. Tiling in particular can define the style of your bathroom. Try some recycled glass tiles interspersed with others in a toning colour to add a little sparkle or few mosaic types. Grouting needs to be checked regularly for any wear and tear to ensure it all stays waterproof.



Storage And Mirrors

A bathroom cabinet is always a necessary item for housing a long list of toiletries. Some have mirrored fronts with innovative demisting pads that provide a gentle heat to ensure your reflection is clear and streak free. With additional features such as shaver sockets, a bathroom mirror with lights is perfect for adding additional illumination so that you can see clearly. And the right mirrored cabinet can make your bathroom appear much larger.


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