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Chris James Mind Body 12 day Cleanse – The Beginning

So I have just started the 12 day Chris James Mind Body 12 day cleanse.


Chris James Mind Body 12 day Cleanse


I am day 2 and so far, so good.

The cleanse  is a 12 day internal cleanse which is designed to leave you ‘more toned, healthier, glowing and radiantly alive.’

I will obviously report back at the end and tell you how I got on. I have weighed myself and took a photo.

I look tired and a bit run down despite a recent holiday. I am  6 stone overweight. I drink coffee and diet coke all day long. This cleanse was always going to be a shock to the system!



Chris James Mind Body 12 day Cleanse

Day 1 felt a little confusing as i tried to get my head around actually cooking ( I had been living off quick meals like quorn sausage mash and peas but I did really enjoy the food I made. Making time for a 20 min work required a juggle but I did it! The hot water and lemon was not quite the same as my usual wake me up Americano but you know what I t was okay! Body brushing was too and I was fine.



Day 2 has bought a bit of a headache but I focussed and know this will pass by – it’s just caffeine withdrawal. Just 10 more days to go (and 3 days of juicing in the middle)

My husband is also on the plan and he is much more of a creative cook than me and is really excited about the recipes Chris James supplies in the accompanying brochure and has lots of ideas of his own too that stick to he food rules. I will be posting daily on Instagram so do come follow me over there.

I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us,  and the impact it might make on our health and wellbeing


Chris James Mind Body 12 day Cleanse is a review


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