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All you need for Christmas at Morrisons – Mulled Wine and More

Christmas at Morrisons – Mulled Wine and More

I have recently received a festive box from Morrisons full of some lovely items from their Christmas range. They pride themselves on being a one-stop shop for all things Christmas and they really do seem to have all you could need.

They certainly have some lovely treats we can definitely have a lovely cosy Christmassy night in with the brilliant Beauty and the Beast DVD, cosy faux mohair throw and butter fudge they sent us. Just lovely. Have you seen Beauty and the Beast..ah, it is such a  feel-good film.

christmas at morrisons mulled wine and more


Morrisons Mulled Wine

Morrisons also sent us some spice to make our own mulled wine which will send the scent of Christmas right through our home. I cannot wait.I have never made my opwn mulled ine before


Morrisons cuddlies and cards

Oh and little cuddly each too. What a lovely gift hey!

They also sent us a large selection of cards. They really do have a card for everyone this Christmas time, such a diverse and gorgeous range. I ‘d better get some stamps in and start writing my cards! Here are some of my favourites from their range


I often shop at Morrisons as there is a store next to my child’s school. Now they have added clothing to their stores I really can get pretty much everything I need there which is just fantastic.

Morrisons really will sort you out for Christmas and any other time! Anyone fancy a Morrisons mulled wine?



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