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Christmas Bedspreads You Need For A Cosy Bedroom

Today –  Christmas Bedspreads

When it comes to creating a cosy bedroom on a budget a beautiful Christmas bedspread is absolutely the key ingredient. Bedspreads not only provide warmth and the ultimate in snuggly cosiness they are also  able to add a wonderful aesthetic effect that doesn’t break the budget.

Redecorating is a pain and time consuming and best left to summer when you can leave the windows open all night. Buying a new bed or furniture is expensive and assembling it infuriating! At this time of the year, busy with Christmas and just wanting to snuggle by the fire quick, inexpensive updates are what are required in a home – a bedspread totally firs that speedy simple budget update,

The new bedspreads range at Yorkshire Linen Co. is rather lovely and such good value.  You could invest in a couple of colours to really add vibrancy and variety to the look of your bedroom.


My favourite Christmas Bedspreads

I adore the amber bedspread/throw –  I love amber it is such a warm and happy colour it would definitely lift the grey of winter and bring some sunshine into the bedroom, wouldn’t it?


Christmas Bedspreads


These bedspread throws come in a myriad of colours and don’t they just look super cosy.

I am also rather smitten with this pretty, textured silver bedspread from Yorkshire Linen Co. It looks so very festive and silver is such a great winter colour, don’t you think?



But my interiors loving heart is always won over with the cosy charm of a traditional-looking bedspread and this natural bedspread just oozes a comfy winter bedroom vibe. Just like something you would find at your grandma’s house and in every Christmas storybook.


Christmas bedspreads


Christmas bedspreads make things cosy!

So 3 very different Christmas bedspreads: modern, festive and traditional. All of them such a lovely addition to a winter bedroom and a fabulous way to a bedroom update on a budget.

I do hope you have enjoyed my post on  Christmas Bedspreads do take a peek too at my post on ways to cosy up your home








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