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Christmas Crafting with Rainbow Chalk

 Christmas crafting with rainbow chalk. PMG so much fun!

Do you love Christmas crafts in your family?

I have to say it is one of my most favourite parts of Christmas – crafting with my kids, ready for the big celebrations. This year we are considering making our own crackers, making snowman bath bombs and possibly a sign for Santa too with rainbow chalk?


Rainbow chalk crafting

Rainbow Chalk is an awesome product to use when it comes to crafting and creating and I think we could make a really fun sign saying ‘Hey Santa, please stop here’ with rainbow chalk. Rainbow chalks are vibrant paints and pens in a rainbow of colours that are water-based, non-toxic and easily removed so simply with just a wet wipe.



They would be perfect for sign making or chalk boarding liquid chalk is so much easier to use than traditional chalk. is more vibrant and so much easier to control. We could also possibly use them to write up each day how many sleeps are left for Christmas – perhaps on a  blackboard, we could hang in the kitchen? The children could it in turns writing up the number and decorating the board each day. That would be so cool.

We could do this in lieu of opening advent calendars perhaps – it could be such a treat to see what the blackboard looks like each day and what the new rainbow chalk illustration is of.



A different kind of advent Calendar

This year my children and I are not having traditional advent calendars. we are saying no their usual Lego and chocolate and my lovely beauty calendars and instead of doing a foodbank advent. Do you know what that is? It is where you collect each day of advent food for a food bank and pop it into a box. it is sometimes called a reverse advent because you are giving rather than getting. Once it is full (the box) after 25 days of gifting you take it along to your local food bank.

We will spend our usual advent calendar  money on foodstuff and a donation to the local food bank/ if you wish to do the same you can find your local food bank here


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