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15 Best Christmas Nature Crafts for Kids

Christmas Nature Crafts are such a lovely thing to make.

Christmas Nature Crafts are fun to make by yourself – and always a relaxing thing to do .

Is it a tradition in your home to make Christmas Nature Crafts ? – it certainly is in mine we crack open the mince pies, pop some Christmassy music on and make some hot choc (with lots of cream) and spend a happy afternoon Christmas crafting. Often this spans into several afternoons it is just that much fun! 

They are also fun with your kids as a way to get them in to the Christmas spirit and spend time together. They are also a lovely way to encourage them to appreciate the changing seasons and the bounty winter brings . And of course they are such a brilliant excuse to get kids out and about.


Christmas Nature Crafts

Christmas Nature Crafts for Kids


Ice Bowl – My favourite of the Christmas nature crafts 

An ice bowl is just the loveliest table decoration or one to plant outside by your doorstep to welcome in visitors.

An electric tealight will stop a quick melt and honestly these must be up there as one of the  most simple but effective crafts ever possible. i was shocked how easy it was to do this and how easy it was for my children and how well it turned out for them too.

Everyone likes a good result whaent hey have waited a few hours for their craft to be ready to show off and this craft most certainly delivers that wow factor.

Your kids will simply love this.




My book: A  year of nature craft and play (including Christmas Nature Crafts)

To find out how to make this and how it is a great project for kids and Christmas  do take a look at my brand new book on Nature Crafts and play ideas (published by Harper Collins) It is a brilliant way to

discover the treasures and pleasures of our natural world with 52 fun activities following the seasons.and it is filled with crafts, gardening, games, art and science activities for children aged 7 years and up that are budget-friendly and will entertain all year round.

And yes of course it has a ton of Christmas nature crafts in it!  And yes of course it makes a beautiful Christmas gift for kids who love the outdoors, begin creative and nature.



Christmas Nature Crafts for Kids


Ice ornaments make gorgeous outdoor Christmas Nature Crafts

Over on my Simply Parenting blog I show you how to makes these pretty and super effective ice ornaments 

They truly are one of the simplest idea and so very pretty and with the right weather they can last for an age too. 

Aren’t they just lovely?


Aren’t these just absolutely beautiful?


And of course as all nature crafts they are cost free and eco friendly which is everything you want in a craft experience these days! 


Christmas Nature Crafts – Angel Wings

Gather pine cones from your local park, paint them and then arrange them into a pair of angel wings for a unique Christmas wall decoration. 


pine cone Angel Wings

I love these aren’t they just totally angelic ( ‘scuse the terrible pun) 


How to dry orange slices – Christmas Nature Crafts

Oh now we go over to my all time favourite craft blogger – take a look at this super useful tutorial on how to dry orange slices from Red Ted Art – her pine cone angel ornament is rather fab too!

Orange slices fill the house with a lovely Chrismtassy scent and are such a traditional look on a tree or in a wreath this is a lovely activity passed from generation down to generation. You just have to try this – your house will smell lush!



Christmas Nature Crafts


and these angels would look too cute on the tree don’t you think! A keep forever Christmas nature craft idea. 



A Christmas Garland – Christmas Nature Crafts for Kids that save you spending!

Hand paint acorns with a simple Scandinavian pattern for a unique Christmas garland.  It would look so pretty over a fireplace or well, just about anywhere really!  Isn’t it sweet. I think it looks almost Scandinavian and I adore the use of Christmas colours too 



This would save you having to buy a fresh nature inspired garden and that can really help cut costs back at what is always a super expensive time of the year 


Pine cone trees Christmas nature crafts

Sometimes the very best things are the most absolutely simple and these really do tick that box don’t you think?

I love, love, love these pine cone trees from my co-author Catherine Hughes at Growing Family blog  they are just brilliant fun to make and the look so very cute! You could gift them too – a lovely way for a child to have Christmas tree in their bedroom

I juts think it is a cute little tree that would look fab anywhere in the home though really and OMG are they just so very easy to make 

 You can find this Christmas nature crafts and many others in our book Nature Craft and Play 


My most favourite of all these crafts I think! 


These are so simple but just so very effective. 


Christmas Nature Crafts – A Cute & Rustic Tree Topper

This DIY Twig Star Tree Topper is super easy to create! It makes the perfect finishing touch to this rustic Christmas tree.
Christmas nature crafts


I love the rough / country look of this  and it could last for years if carefuly stored. (I rather love that it is free too!)  You could also put one in the tree outside too to greet your guests – so why not make a little batch up all at once. These can last year in year out too and always look so very charming and minimalistic.


Twig Chandelier 

This Twig Chandelier makes a beautiful ceiling Christmas Decoration. Check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to make it!
Twig Chandelier
I have a ton of other twig crafts on my blog if you would like to take a look. 

DIY orange garland 

 This DIY orange garland is made of orange slices and cranberries and it is just the most beautiful thing to adorn your mantel or your tree. Can you imagine the smell too?


Christmas Nature Crafts
Christmas Nature Crafts are just so lovely aren’t they. I am feeling more festive already. I have no ideas which one of these Christmas Nature Crafts to make first though!

Orange pomanders with spices

These all-natural great smelling orange pomanders made with spices are easy to make and create a wonderful festive spirit.


Christmas nature crafts




DIY Pinecone Wreath for Christmas (Costs Pennies!)

Oh this is just the prettiest wreath and such a simple DIY – definitely going on my list of Christmas nature crafts to try


Christmas nature crafts



Floral ornaments for Christmas

I love these floral ornaments for Christmas and they really could not be any  easier to make


Christmas Nature Crafts


Evergreen Christmas wreath – Simple Christmas Nature Crafts

A lovely thing  to do before Christmas is to take a walk in the woods to collect evergreens for a beautiful, large wreath!





You could also – decorate an outdoor tree, make a orange and pine pot pourri and make a pine cone cow!


So there we have it a lovely array of beautiful simple to make Christmas nature crafts that will make your home look simply amazing. 



“Freshly cut Christmas trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin—inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night.” John J. Geddes


A big old Christmassy Thank You 

Thank you to all the bloggers who gave me permission to share their stunning Christmas nature crafts – I love our caring sharing creative community and it continues to make me proud how wiling we are to support and enhance each others blogs. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. 



Further reading on Christmas nature crafts

For those of you whose kids LOVE nature and the great outdoors  I have more lovely resources for you to check out including 


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