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Styling Christmas with Cox and Cox

Today – Styling Christmas with Cox and Cox

I have to admit my Christmas styling usually amounts to little more than re-visiting my Christmas past and filling our home with lovely memories  and treasury. Our usual decorations are either handmade by the children,  belonged to my grandparents or have been randomly picked up here or there. They are not cohesive or stylish but they are special.

Cox and Cox

Visiting the Cox and Cox range and picking up a few items to review has been an eye-opener. This beautiful copper jingle bell garland is a delight and I cannot wait to hang it above my desk. Just £6.50 too.

Super stylish and absolutely gorgeous is how I would describe their range. I am so excited to show you the pieces I chose.

Cox and Cox sell home-ware that is eclectic, unique, practical and beautiful and oh my goodness you could get lost for hours browsing their online store. They sell  everything to do with the home form mirrors to rugs, furniture to lighting, kids stuff to dinnerware. It’s a treasure trove.

So do you want to see my Christmas picks?


Styling Christmas with Cox and Cox

Star dish

I love this metal dish and it will live on my dresser and house may watch and bangles whilst I sleep at night. Its beautifully festive without being the least bit tacky! It costs just £9.50 and is simply cast from metal with an aged, whitewashed finish.

Rusty starry wreath.

At only £12.50 this wreath is truly a fabulous bargain. Such a lovely alternative to a traditional wreath and it is taking pride of place on my front door.


Angel wing dish

Another beautiful little item and at just £5.50 it is the sweetest little gift. I will use this as a ring dish

Star light

I also picked this gorgeous star silhouette carnival light (you can probably tell I am rather taken with stars this year. ) It is battery operated so there are no trailing lights and I love its rustic warmth.  It is £35 and I can see us using this year after year. It’s just lovely.

and the very last think I picked ?

3 gorgeous photo frames

I just adore this set of three metal-rimmed frames. Each of these three frames comes with soft velvet ribbon and are just so delicate. I have ordered letter postcards and will spell out joy within them. How lovely these woudl be as gifts too with precious photos in. They cost £25.



So thanks to Cox and Cox this year we really are doing Christmas in style.


Styling Christmas with Cox and Cox is a collaborative post 





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