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Citrus Scents for the Home from Wax Lyrical

Citrus scents for the home from Wax Lyrical are lush.

I like clean simple scents that juts add freshness and a pleasant aroma to a home  Citrus scents are so perfect for this as they smell so clean, they also remind me of travels to sunny places and happy times.

Wax Lyrical is the UK’s largest manufacturer of home fragrance products and they sell a range of gorgeous citrus home fragrances.

Their products are designed, sourced and British made in the English Lakes are can be bought online or in high-quality stores across the UK.

Let me show you some of their lovely citrus scented products.


Made in England – Wax Lyrical

From the Made in England collection comes the Mediterranean Orange range and it really is just such a zesty and zingy fragrance I really can’t get enough of it. Orange, grapefruit, mandarin and lemon are combined with neroli and jasmine on top of a musky base to create this scent and its so ‘juicy!’

If you like your home to smell of sunshine this is the scent for you. The range has lavender, linen, mango, lemon, vanilla and cherries too – such a tasty sounding range.

The Mediterranean Orange is an absolute delight to smell but also to look at. How pretty it is!

I love that you can purchase not only a reed diffuser in the scent but also a refill which is just so practical. Doesn’t the glass candle just look beautiful? Such a pretty way to present a candle and it keeps it all so tidy and the lid keeps it so clean and new looking.


Citrus scents


The boxed candle is lovely and definitely an item I would gift at Christmas or for a birthday. Such a nice gift and orange is a universally loved scent.



Colony – wax lyrical

In the Colony collection, there are some beautiful ranges of scents including blackberry and gold, frankincense and myrrh. But lemon always wins my heart. It is the cleanest and absolutely freshest of scents and I always find it so very uplifting. If I need to take a break from the strains and stresses of life just 10 minutes with a good book and a lemon candle is enough to lift me.

The beautiful lemon candle jar is a fruity scented treat.


wax lyrical


And the gorgeous lemon reed diffuser works perfectly in my hall to add a lovely welcoming scent for visitors to our home and again comes with a handy refill pack


wax lyrical


Beautiful – there is nothing quite like citrus for a crisp and refreshing scent.

Now these would most definitely belong in the category of gifts that will cheer someone up

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