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Classic Evening Wear Choices

I have always loved fashion and being in my forties doesn’t change at all how interested I am in new trends and classic evening wear choices

Some things have definitely shifted though in regard to my fashion choices as I have aged. I do now certainly know what suits me in a way I perhaps didn’t in my younger years. I accept my curves now and my dislike of patterns and I don’t try to force my self into clothes meant for skinny angular people and dress in patterns that give me headaches! Believe I have done both and neither looked good at all.  I no longer make those mistakes. I guess you could say I know myself better nowadays and have the confidence to dress for myself.

When it comes to clothes now I would say I do have a pretty defined style. I like simple clothes that are good quality. I like soft, fairly unstructured fabrics and clothes that move easily are important to me. I have more money now than I had in my younger years too so I am happy to pay a bit more for clothes aI know will stay classic and get a lot of wear.


Classic Evening Wear Choices

When it comes to evening wear I definitely like to buy classic and good quality. I know these clothes will only be worn on special occasions so I definitely do not want them to be a one season wonder.

David Nieper evening wear has some lovely examples of the kind of classic pieces I would go for.


Classic Evening Wear Choices


A simple black cami like this is just so versatile. I would probably wear it with black cigarette style pants or a long floaty, pleated skirt.

This black lace and soft crepe evening dress is another classic that I would wear season after season.


Less formal, but still an absolute ‘evening out classic’ I do like this red merino dress, also from David Nieper.


It’s so lovely!

So yes I do think I am much more of a classic and quality dresser these days and I do know myself better, for sure.

What kind of evening wear do you like and has it changed over the years?


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  1. Naomi
    January 14, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    I’ve not heard of this brand before but the styles look great – really classic. Off to have a browse now!

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