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Clean Like a Boss: Savvy Hacks for House Cleaning

It’s hard to keep a tidy home, even more challenging if you’re a parent. From the sticky fingers to the cut-up pieces of paper from all the arts and crafts, children can cause a chaotic mess in the house. But, as a parent, it’s hard to stay on top of everything. Between work, parenting, and all the extras, who has time to dust, clean the windows, or pull out the washer and dryer to sweep behind? That’s why today we’re sharing some excellent house cleaning hacks that can fit right into your schedule. These cleaning routine tips can make a massive difference in the cleanliness of your home and are ideal for busy parents. So, grab your vacuum, duster, and cleaning cloth because we’re about to clean your house from top to bottom!

Hacks for House Cleaning


Awesome Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents

1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

When you’re a busy parent, you’ll find stuff everywhere. Socks are stuffed in every corner of the house, toy figurines are stuck deep in the couch, and books are falling out of the bookshelf. The first house cleaning tip is to declutter. You can do this whenever works for you. Do a little bit every day, or have a declutter day and do it once per week.

Decluttering your living areas immediately makes your house seem more tidy and organized. It also makes your living space more manageable to keep clean and reduces the amount of stuff you hold onto. Decluttering is an efficient and powerful cleaning routine that you should implement immediately.

Decluttering Tips:

  • Involve your children.
  • Set boundaries with your children where they can be messy and where you want to keep it tidy.
  • Use a robot vacuum to stay on top of dust on the rug and carpet.
  • Keep your kitchen counters clean.


2. Hire Professional Cleaners

If you’re a parent attempting to find a healthy work-life balance, hiring professional cleaners might be the best cleaning hack out there. Check this website to find helpful and talented professional cleaners. They can save you time and effort while tackling even the most stubborn and clean-resistant dirt and grime.


3. Establish a Cleaning Routine

Having an established cleaning routine can be very helpful for busy parents. It’s a predictable and scheduled pattern, leaving little for the parent to figure out at the last minute. A cleaning routine helps maintain a clean and tidy home and prevents the build-up of mess and clutter.

A consistent cleaning routine helps to ensure that essential tasks are completed regularly and reduces chaotic last-minute cleaning sprees. A few ways to make a cleaning routine are to have a cleaning day once per week or to develop micro routines that you can implement into your day. For example – before leaving for work, you sweep the floors, wipe down door handles, and load the dishwasher. After work can be a time for another micro routine.


Hacks for House Cleaning

4. Rotate Toys

If you’re a busy parent of small children, then chances are you have plenty of toys. Split them in half instead of having toys everywhere and overflowing your house.

Keep half available for your littles to enjoy and store the other half. Rotate them every few weeks. This could improve how your littles play as there is less distraction. Furthermore, it’s a smaller amount that your littles can likely take care of better. It’s a great chance to show children how to care for their stuff and clean up after themselves.


5. Embrace Baskets

Every room in the busy parents’ house needs baskets. Baskets are great for hiding things and keeping the living space tidy. You can use baskets for nearly anything and find them in any size, shape, color, etc. Get some baskets and transform your space.


Hacks for House Cleaning6. Set a Timer

When it’s time to start house cleaning, grab your timer and set it. Using a timer when cleaning is a fantastic cleaning hack for busy parents. It’s a straightforward yet effective strategy that helps parents feel that there is a purpose behind the seemingly meaningless task and to accomplish it with a pursuit of urgency.


Setting a timer can help busy parents remain motivated for the task and even get more done in less time. Furthermore, children might be more willing to jump in and help when there’s a timer because they can see an end in sight. Setting a timer can leave you feeling accomplished and motivated.

7. Do One Load of Laundry per Day

Being a busy parent means there’s a never-ending amount of laundry; instead of waiting for all the laundry baskets to overflow on the weekend, having to spend hours sorting, changing the loads, folding and putting away, and throwing in one load a day. This ensures that everyone always has clean, fresh clothes available and that your weekends won’t be spent on this very unfun chore.

Bonus House Cleaning Hacks:

  • Clean as you go. As you go throughout your day, tidy, declutter, and clean up after yourself.
  • Create a to-do list. It’s so rewarding to check items off!
  • Delegate chores. All ages of children can help keep the house clean. You can use the timer method or play music while completing the chores for added fun.
  • Clean the bathroom while you’re bathing your child.


Final Thoughts on House Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents

Being a parent means there’s a never-ending to-do list of laundry, chores, and errands. These savvy cleaning hacks can make a huge difference in your house cleaning routine. From decluttering, hiring professional cleaners, or simply establishing and maintaining a cleaning routine, these tips are simple and can easily be implemented into your day. So, enjoy your newly tidy home and these cleaning hacks!

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