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Clearing Out for the New Year Tips

Today – Clearing out for the new year


Clearing out for the New Year!

Clearing Out for the New Year


Clearing out for the New Year – simple tips

As the new year starts we hear lots of new year – new starts, with many new resolutions starting, but my way of thinking is, it is always the perfect opportunity to get your house in order! I find the hardest thing after the Christmas period (apart from returning to work after some much needed time off) is tiding away all those new Christmas presents and finding the place for them can be a struggle!

If you have children with family and friends like mine then you will know the stress of trying to find somewhere to place the excessive amount of new toys along with not being quite ready to part with old toys just yet. I love keeping my home looking uncluttered whilst still having the being able to satisfy the urge to treat myself / loved ones without the annoyance of where I can put it, so I needed a good solution to keep my home how I like it.


Clearing out for the New Year

Clearing Out for the New Year


This came in the form of  www.bravolondon.co.uk, who have a fantastic design team all working in-house and listening to my never-ending list of requirements. I worked with them to design my perfect sliding door wardrobe, using the budget I had along with the lack of space to place a wardrobe, they have completed all my needs, perfectly fitting with my colour scheme and even turning it into a bit of a feature wall, with tons of storage!

Fitted Wardrobes & Beautiful Storage Solutions – Bravo London


London’s Best Bespoke Cupboards (Modern Glass & Mirror Sliding Doors, Classic Hinged Door & Luxury Walk-In Wardrobes) – Free Design Visit 02089655680

I can now say I manage to keep my home looking perfectly organised all year round, well until the children come home anyway ?.

How do you manage to keep your homes organised?


Have a really happy new year  with 365 days of happy


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